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Checkin at the yacht charter

This is how the check-in will be successful in any case!


The sailing vacation is just around the corner and often our guests ask themselves, "Have I thought of everything? What do I have to consider?" To ensure that all points run as smoothly as possible, we would like to give you a few useful tips along the way.


What do I have to consider before departure?

Do I have all the documents with me, such as the charter contract or the boarding pass? Of course you are noted in the system, but often larger crews arrive at different times and you should know who is actually the booker to get on the ship faster.

Have I filled out and sent the crew list with all crew members?
This process is extremely important. On the one hand, the skipper including skipper and radio license is also stored in it. On the other hand this is the calculation basis for the tourist tax. Because each guest on the sea must be known on the one hand and on the other hand also a piece of the expenses of the municipalities to carry.

Of course, the right choice of luggage must also be taken into account. But for this we will gladly send you separately the packing list.

Important: Don't forget your driving licenses. I.e. the skipper license and the radio license must be shown at the base in the original. Even if we have already sent the copy to the base upon booking confirmation. This process is only to check your licenses in advance, so that there are no difficulties on arrival!

If you arrive by plane, you should have organized your shuttle - cab beforehand. Either on your own, or you can let us know. With your flight data, such as arrival time and flight number, we can even organize the transfer for you at better conditions.


What do I need to note at the check-in counter at the base?

Please have your ID, licenses, credit card for the deposit and boarding pass, or booking confirmation ready! Please also provide the staff with your mobile number so they can reach you when the ship is ready.
If the crew has not changed by the time of check-in, the crew list is correct. Otherwise, other participants will have to be replaced, or added. But please be sure that the max. crew size, which is indicated, must never be exceeded. Each boat has a maximum crew size. If you exceed this limit, you will not be covered by insurance and the base will not let you sail.
At the base you will also pay the tourist tax, the permit and additional options, such as outboard motor, stand up paddle, railing net, or additional sails. Should an item of equipment be defective and no longer available, you will of course not have to pay for it.
An early check-in is advisable if you want to sail out already packed in the afternoon. Please note that only 5 early check-ins are possible per base. This means that the yachts will be cleaned and serviced first thing in the morning and the crew can leave around 1 / 2 pm. This additional service can be booked at the time of booking, but only up to the maximum number of Early Checkin available for that day.


What happens after check-in?

As soon as your ship is ready - this can be between 1 - 5 pm, you will receive a briefing on your charter ship from the respective ship's attendant, or also called skipper. Please check all equipment with the skipper, let him show you where to close the holding tanks, where to fill and activate different water tanks if necessary. Also the means of navigation, the means of rescue and the onboard electronics differ from ship to ship. Thus, we can only advise that you really take your time for this process.
This technician, or skipper will also be your contact should you have any questions along the way. Please always inform the base or the technician in case of technical problems. About 90% of all incidents can be solved by remote diagnosis. Good bases also have partner bases all along the coast, where you can do small repairs if necessary. So at least nothing stands in the way of a pleasant vacation.

So your yacht charter vacation can begin!


What is the check out procedure?

You should arrive at the marina on Friday or the day before check out. Please plan your trip back in such a way that refueling and return do not end up in stress. You can also spend the last day in your home marina, doing a city tour or going out for dinner. Attention: Since pretty much all yachts have to return on the same day, there will be a "traffic jam" at the gas station. Please be careful not to drift off, or come into contact with other boats while waiting.

The skipper who did the briefing will also guide you through the checkout. I.e. the equipment you have taken over must also be on board again. Accordingly, everything was noted in the checklist during the checkin.
After a successful practical checkout you have to hand in the documents in the office and you will get your deposit back.

Now it's time to say goodbye and enjoy the anticipation of the next sailing trip. Of course, we are always happy to receive feedback - whether in person or on Google! To shorten the waiting time for the next cruise a bit, you can also browse our website and enjoy a piece of vacation from home, at least digitally!


Many greetings

Your team from Zacherl Charter

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