Yacht charter Croatia 

The coast of Croatia has a lot to offer: Magnificent landscapes, small bays and exciting islands. This unique vacation paradise offers eventful sailing moments for beginners and professionals. Yacht charter Croatia is and remains an experience! Especially the easy accessibility by car and plane makes Croatia an attractive vacation destination.

Coast length: 6,170 kilometers (including the islands)
Islands: 1244 (only 65 are well developed though)
Winds: Maestral, Bora, Jugo
Sailing season: April to October
Climate: Mediterranean

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Yacht charter Croatia - a sunny experience!

Discover the beauty of the Croatian coast and enjoy ideal weather conditions.

The best time to rent a boat, yacht or catamaran is from April to October. The temperatures are pleasant and range from 18 to 30 degrees. It rarely gets colder than 14 degrees. In spring, from March to the end of May, there are mostly light to moderately strong winds. From June to early September the weather is very calm and the conditions are perfect for a relaxing trip with your charter yacht.

Yacht charter Croatia - Mild climate

The winds Maestral, Jugo and Bora dominate. The Maestral is a typical fair weather wind. Only during the day a light breeze blows. In the evening there is no wind. The south wind Jugo is warm, but unfortunately often brings clouds and rain. Often it blows strongly and creates high waves. The bora is extremely rare. This cool downdraft wind comes from the mountains and can churn the sea strongly. Inexperienced sailors should definitely take this into consideration before starting their charter vacation or book a skipper who will take them safely and securely to the most beautiful places!

Looking for a sailing charter with skipper?

A skippered yacht charter in Croatia is the best choice not only for sailing beginners, but equally if you want to spend your sailing vacation with fullest relaxation.

We offer yachts, sailboats, motorboats & more, with the hiring of a skipper. Our professional skippers in Croatia know the sailing areas like the palms of their hands and will give you a special discovery tour. Moreover, a great opportunity arises for you to learn skills and tricks from our skippers on a yacht in Croatia. Sharing knowledge with other sailing enthusiasts makes sailing on the fascinating coasts of Croatia even more special.

Here you can get an insight into our skippers for your unforgettable yachting vacation.


Why is a yacht charter Croatia the hot spot?

The cities and especially the larger towns are located along the Dalmatian coast and offer an exciting nightlife. Here, party lovers and also those of a calmer disposition will certainly get their money's worth. The old towns fascinate every year anew. For those who want it a little quieter or simply want to enjoy the Croatian sun, anchoring in one of the many small bathing bays is recommended. In many bays there are now buoys, which on the one hand offers the advantage that the seabed is not damaged by anchors and on the other hand a certain contingent is available. This way, countless sailing yachts, catamarans and motor yachts do not crowd into a bay and run the risk of touching each other, or the anchor chains lying on top of each other.

Croatia charter offers not only a fascinating coastline but also a lot of modern marinas with a high standard of comfort to make every yachtsman's heart beat faster. In order that you can enjoy your yacht charter vacation in Croatia to the fullest, we are happy to assist you in planning your trip! You will not only receive a map with markings from our team, but we will also send you a packing list so that you are well prepared for your yacht charter vacation.

We offer you 30 years of experience and know the most beautiful places and best insider tips!

The Croatian coast - the European sailing paradise

It is not for nothing that Croatia has become one of the most popular sailing destinations in Europe. During a cruise in Istria from Pula to Rovinj you can not only marvel at historic towns with many small streets and pubs, at sunset you can even watch dolphins. For sailors who want to combine boat or motor yacht rental with a party vacation, a trip to the island of Hvar is a perfect choice.

Yacht charter Croatia - An experience for young and old

It is located off the Dalmatian coast and offers an exciting nightlife. For those who prefer a more relaxing holiday or simply want to enjoy the Croatian sun, anchoring in one of the many small bays is highly recommended. Moreover, enthusiasts of culinary delicacies will not be disappointed in Croatia as the level of quality outweighs the price. In order that you can enjoy your yacht charter vacation to the fullest, we are happy to assist you in planning your trip! We offer you 30 years of experience and know the most beautiful places!

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Questions & answers about a yacht charter in Croatia

  • How much does a yacht charter in Croatia cost?

The prices of a yacht charter in Croatia vary depending on the vacation period, length and type of boat. We constantly offer you best deals & discounts for a yacht for rent in Croatia, a catamaran charter & Co.

  • Yacht charter in Croatia with skipper wanted?

A sailing trip full of relaxation and with a professional at your side.  For your luxury yacht vacation we offer you an allround service - wishful happy & enjoy. You choose your dream yacht with skipper in Croatia and we organize the rest.

  • How much does a skipper in Croatia cost?

The prices of our skippers in Croatia start at 160€ per day. Find out more here.

  • Is a yachting vacation in Croatia worth it?

Croatia is one of the most impressive sailing destinations in the world. An incredibly rugged coastline, sheltered anchorages, hundreds of islands as well as well-equipped harbors perfectly round off a yachting vacation in Croatia. Every year, thousands of sailors are drawn here for a sailing trip. You too can experience this fascinating area. 

  • How can I rent a luxury yacht in Croatia?

From premium to bargain - discover our dream yachts and we will tailor an individual offer for your luxury yacht with or without skipper in Croatia.

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Zacherl Yachtcharter - Your expert for Charter in Croatia

Whether you have a boating license or a skipper, you will find a large selection of exclusive yachts, boats and catamarans with us. Plan your unforgettable boating vacation in Croatia e.g. Veruda, Krk, Biograd, Trogir, or Split, we will be happy to advise you!

With or without skipper - here you will find the best yachts in Croatia! 

Zacherl Charter - we love Yachting!

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Whether you have a boat license or a skipper: We have a large selection of exclusive yachts, boats and catamarans. Plan your unforgettable boating holiday in Croatia z. B. Veruda, Krk, Biograd, Trogir, or Split, we are happy to advise you! Zacherl Charter - we love yachting!

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