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An ideal vessel is inexpensive to buy, is well marketed and maintained, and fetches a good price when resold. These are the most important factors to make charter buying fun. So you don't have to go it alone, we help you choose the right ship, the right port and the best possible utilization. Basically, over 90% of the ships on the charter market are financed by private investors. The generated turnover minus the costs results in a profit, from which the ship is financed or the capital flows back. Depending on the size of the ship, the investor can expect a return of 9-15%.



We explain the example with a new Bavaria C42:


Vessel value 197.961,00 EUR (without VAT, because used commercially)

Equipment 30.894,00 EUR (includes all necessary equipment from bread knife to life raft)

Total 228.855,00 EUR (investment at charter purchase)


Charter income at 24 weeks charter 88.130,00 EUR

20% discounts to charter customers 17.626,00 EUR

Interim result 70.504,00 EUR

35% deduction for marketing / base service 24.676,40

Preliminary result 45.827,60 EUR


From this amount the following costs will be covered:

Berth costs
Winter service
Crane costs
Charter fee
estimated material costs
unforeseen costs
13% charter fee (VAT)

Resulting from revenues less costs:

20,991.52 EUR per year (This capital is available for financing, or capital recovery).


After 8 years the book value would be approx. 92.000 EUR and the actual resale value of the ship is approx. 115.000,- EUR, generating the book profit of approx. 22.500,- EUR. Accordingly, the return on investment is approx. 9.89% for the Bavaria C42. For larger ships, such as the Dufour 470, the yield is approx. 15.19% with the same calculation method.



The most important parameters are a cheap purchase, a good utilization, a good service and the right port. We combine all these points by special ship conditions, collective orders and our know how in the charter market. We accompany you from the beginning to the resale of the ship, so that you achieve the best possible result.


If you are thinking about investing in a yacht, please contact us and we will arrange a non-binding consultation! You can read more about this in our article Yachtinvest! 

We are looking forward to meeting you! 


Best regards

Your team from Zacherl Charter

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