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The Cyclades are one of the most popular vacation islands in Greece - a sailing paradise par excellence. This is understandable if you have spent your vacations on one of the islands yourself. The grandiose sandy beaches, the white houses with their colorful shutters or the churches with the blue roofs are an enchanting vacation scenery. In addition, there is the hospitality of the Greeks, which makes many vacationers come back again and again.

No island is like the other, which promises a lot of variety for a yacht charter from Santorini, Paros or Mykonals. The Cyclades are the scene of many Greek sagas and have a long history of settlement.

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Conditions for yacht charter Cyclades

The prevailing wind is the Meltemi, which blows strongly from the north during the high season from June to September. Here especially sporty sailors will find excellent conditions with wind force seven to eight. In addition, the temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius are well bearable. In the early and late season the wind is weaker. Rain is rare between May and October. Between June and October, water temperatures of over 20 degrees can be expected. Between July and September the thermometer shows an average of 23 degrees.

The main marinas in the region can be reached by plane. Ferries operate between the islands. For the yacht charter Cyclades skippers need a license for sports boats (Sportbootführerschein See) or a recognized sailing license. For the co-skipper sufficient experience is sufficient. Both must be at least 18 years old.

Yacht charter Mykonos

Mykonos is the most popular Cyclades island and besides its beauty it is famous for its legendary parties. They are mainly celebrated in the island's capital. However, it would be unfair to associate the island only with party tourism. Besides the noisy Mykonos town, the island also offers bays and beaches that let sailors find peace. Yacht rental in Mykonos definitely includes a visit to the island of Delos.

Mykonos and its marina

The white houses with their colorful wooden elements and the blue domes of the churches are typical for the island. The Kato Mili, historic windmills that stand above Mykonos town, are considered landmarks. Little Venice is the most beautiful part of Mykonos Town, built right on the waterfront. The balconies partially reach over the sea. In the interior of the island, the village of Ano Mera is worth a visit. Here the visitor can still expect the original life on the island. In the village you will find the monastery Panagia Tourliani, whose church has an impressive interior.

Mykonos is perfect for a yacht charter. Especially in high season flights to Mykonos are available from many cities in the German speaking area. Alternatively the journey via Athens is possible. Tourlos Marina is the most modern marina on the island. It is the starting point for a cruise if you rent a yacht from Mykonos. It is located about 2.5 kilometers from the center of Mykonos Town. It gets quite lively here because the port is also used by cruise ships and ferries. In recent years, the marina has been greatly expanded and offers modern facilities. There are only a few berths for yachts at the town marina. It is reserved for local fishing boats.

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Discover the Cyclades with yacht charter from Mykonos

Mykonos island has several beautiful bays, including Ormos Annas in the south. It protects quite well from the Meltemi and has several taverns, which are quite expensive. Right next to it in the east is the long beach Kalafati. To the southwest is the well protected anchorage Ornos. The place is largely touristy.

A visit to the island of Delos, which lies to the west, is an absolute must when renting a yacht on Mykonos. The island was a religious and economic center in the Cyclades in ancient times. Temple ruins testify to this glorious time until today. The archaeological sites definitely justify the stay of a whole day. The island is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. On the west side there is a jetty, which is reserved for excursion boats in the season. Anchorages are available a few nautical miles to the south or at the neighboring islands of Rimmati or Rineia.

Further west is Syros, whose harbor is bustling with activity in the main town of Ermoupoli. Worth seeing are the church of St. Nicolas with its typical blue dome and, on a hill, the Catholic cathedral of St. Georgiou. Even further east is Kea, crowded on weekends by day trippers from Athens. The coast consists of beautiful rocky bays. Now and then a sandy beach can be glimpsed. The port of Vourkarion is located in the northeast and is a good starting point for excursions to the archaeological sites. Not far away is the Lion of Kea, one of the most important sights on the island.

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Yacht charter on Paros

Paros is located south of Mykonos. The island is suitable on a yacht charter Cyclades not only as a stopover, but also as a port of departure and destination. There is a small regional airport on the island, which Olympic Air flies to three or four times a day from Athens.

The island is charming because, unlike Mykonos, it is not so touristically overcrowded. The marina for sailing from Paros is located in the beautiful bay of Parikia, which can be found in the west. In the island's capital, the Panagia Ekatontapyliani from the Byzantine period is worth seeing. Around the marina there are restaurants and stores.

Discover the Cyclades under sail from Paros.

Due to its location, the island offers several routes for a cruise. The neighboring island of Antiparos is worth a visit. It is located only half a nautical mile away from its big sister. The stalactite cave located on the island is one of the most beautiful sights during a yacht charter Cyclades.

A cruise could then lead to Sifnos, where on the mountains in the interior of the island there are monasteries with a fantastic view. A beautiful bay is Pharos in the south, with the monastery of Chrisopigi on its western side. To the east, a beautiful beach leads to a small vacation settlement.

Towards the south, the island of Pholegandros rises from the sea. A beautiful anchorage is located in front of the small resort of Agkali, which has a restaurant. Upon entering, chapels can be seen on the western side. The island's capital is located on a hill and can be reached from the bay, which is well protected from the Meltemi, during a hike. The next stopover destination for sailing from Paros could be Santorini.

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Yacht charter from Santorini

Santorini is actually a whole archipelago located in the south of Cyclades. The main island is called Thira by the Greeks and like the other islands it is of volcanic origin. It, Thirasia and Aspronisi form a ring around the caldera flooded by the sea. The western side of Thira rises steeply from the sea, while the island slopes gently to the east. This interesting landscape is worth visiting during a yacht charter Cyclades.

Santorini has an airport, which is also served from German speaking countries during the season. The island's capital is called Fira, from which almost 600 steps lead down to the harbor. Those who can reconcile it with animal welfare can use the donkey cab. Alternatively, a cable car manages the difference in altitude on the steep coast. But the starting point for a trip is the Marina Vlychada, if you rent a yacht on Santorini. It is located in the southwest of the island. Around the harbor there are numerous restaurants.

The island is famous for its black beaches, like in Perissa or in Vlychada. Not far from the port is the archaeological site of Akrotini. It is also worth going to the ruins of Old Thera.

Island world in the north

The Cylades are located north on a yacht charter from Santorini. But before that you should navigate to the island of Nea Kameni. Here a bath in the hot springs can be combined with the ascent of the 124 meter high volcano. On the way north, it is worth stopping at the bay of Oia, which can be found to the northwest of Thira. The pretty place is quieter than the capital Fira. Worth seeing are the windmills above the village and the Londsa Castle, which opens a beautiful view of the sea.

After the yacht rental from Santorini lies in the north behind a chain of islands Naxos. The island is located a few nautical miles east of Paros and is the largest island of the Cyclades. In the center, Mount Zeus rises to a height of 1001 meters. The capital of the island has a romantic maze of alleys where you can stroll around. Worth seeing are the castle town, the colossal statues Kouroi and various churches from the time of the Byzantines.

It is worth to rent a yacht at Santorini or another island to discover the Cyclades. Let us advise you.

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