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The Dodecanese are a group of islands in the eastern Aegean Sea, belonging to Greece. The twelve islands belong to the Southern Sporades. The largest and best known are Rhodes, Karpathos and Kos. In addition, there are over 100 small islands and reefs. The conditions in the area are especially pleasing for experienced sailors. On a yacht charter Dodecanese the Meltemi prevails. The summer wind blows quite steadily from the north and increases gradually until the afternoon. It reaches five to seven Beaufort, sometimes even force eight.

The most popular marinas are on Rhodes and Kos, which are easy to reach by plane from German-speaking countries. In summer, air temperatures often reach over 30 degrees Celsius, but the strong wind makes it pleasant. The islands offer many interesting bays. On the islands yacht charter Domdekans sailors will find the typical hospitality of the Greek people. In addition to a varied nature, an insight into the rich history of the island world, which already experienced splendid times in ancient times, is waiting for you.

The main season is from June to September. The sea is warm during this time with 22 to 25 degrees. Rainy days are very rare during this period. In the early and late season it is less windy. The temperatures rise from 19 degrees in April to 24 degrees in May. Water temperatures range from 17 to 19 degrees. In autumn they are still at 20 degrees in November. The water in the Eastern Aegean rarely gets colder than 16 degrees. A constant rain is not to be feared on a yacht charter Dodecanese. The rainiest time is between November and March. During this time it is quite fresh especially at night.

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Yacht charter Kos
Yacht charter Rhodes

Every year thousands of skippers are attracted to Kos and Rhodes for a yacht charter. Just under a mile from the main port in Kos lies the new Kos Marina. Renting a yacht in Kos is special for sailing vacations in Greece. Kos Island is strategically located for boat charters and just off the Turkish coast. Nothing stands in the way of a charter trip to Turkey. Impressive cruising routes with a yacht charter Kos lead through the Greek islands - towards Kalymnos, Patmos, Samos, Rhodes or the Cyclades. The possibilities for sailing in Kos are endless. As a yacht charter in Kos we give you the best route suggestions for your yacht charter vacation. Wonderful winds and good harbors as well as anchorages await you at this charter location in Greece.

Rhodes is the largest island of the Dodecanese and not far from the Turkish mainland. For a yacht charter from Rhodes many interesting islands lie northwest of it. The city of Rhodes, which is located in the north of the island, is very popular for water sports tourism and offers ancient monuments. For sailors interested in culture, a Rhodes yacht charter is an ideal sailing destination in Greece. Ancient, modern, oriental and European culture await you when you rent a yacht, catamaran, sailboat or sailing yacht from Rhodes. Start your planning for a yacht charter & boat charter Rhodes today, so that nothing stands in the way of your boating vacation on a sailing yacht of the sailing areas of Greece.

Yacht charter Kos - Yacht for rent

The large islands of the Dodecanese stretch like a string of pearls from north to south through the eastern Aegean Sea. The island of Kos lies approximately in the middle and is therefore ideally suited for a yacht charter Dodecanese. Besides Rhodes it is the most touristic island of the area. Before or after a yacht charter in Kos an exploration of the island is highly recommended.

Alternatively you can enjoy the bays during a yacht charter from Kos. Sights can be found especially in the island's capital of the same name, where the modern marina is also located. West of the old town are the western excavations, whose remains of an ancient building are in good condition. In the interior of the island, it is worth visiting Palio Pyli, the remains of a castle from which visitors can enjoy a beautiful view.

Those looking for a quiet bay with a beautiful beach should rent a yacht on Kos and navigate to Mastichari. Here there are also good shopping facilities and inviting taverns. Moreover, the small harbor offers a good shelter from the Meltemi.

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Discover the Dodecanese with a yacht charter from Kos

From the marina located in the east of the island it is worthwhile to rent a yacht in Kos. To the north lies the island of Pserimos. The island offers a lot of tranquility, because apart from day tourists there are only the local fishermen. When chartering a yacht from Kos, it is worth visiting the monastery south of the village of Kalimnos, on the island of the same name.

Around the island there are some beautiful bathing bays. Churches and monasteries have partly a breathtaking location above the sea and compensate for the climb with a beautiful panorama. Leros is also an island that offers tranquility on a yacht charter from Kos. Worth seeing is a fortress of the Knights of St. John from the 14th century.

In the far northwest of the Dodecanese you will reach Patmos. If you charter a yacht from Kos, it is worth visiting the monastery of St. John. It stands on the place where the Revelation of John is said to have taken place. It belongs to the UNESCO world heritage. There are sandy beaches only in the south and east of the island. Most of the bays are undeveloped.

Charter a yacht and discover Kos southbound

On a yacht charter Kos the area to the south is also interesting. On the southeast coast of the island lies the Embros thermal spring. In the southwest there are some nice beaches. If you rent a yacht and leave Kos to the south you will see a finger reaching into the Aegean Sea. The Turkish peninsula of Dugla offers many historical sights. Southwest of it appears the volcanic island of Nisyros, where there is a beautiful natural spectacle. Hot vapors come out of the fissures and holes to the daylight. A visit to the main town is worthwhile because of an old fortress located on a nearby hill. Of course, a hike to the crater of the volcano, which is located in the center of the island, should not be missed.

Tilos is located southwest, only 19 nautical miles from Rhodes. The island is far from the tourist crowds, but still interesting for a visit. After yacht charter on Kos, ruins from ancient times can be admired here. At that time the island played a not insignificant role, which is underlined by the archaeological findings. The well protected bay Ormos Playio offers beautiful beaches. The fishing port is not suitable if you charter a yacht on Kos, because it is too small. Beautiful sandy beaches fall shallowly into the sea, which makes anchoring easy. Then in front of Rhodes are Symi and Chalki.

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Sailing from Rhodes - yacht charter 

They are also easy to reach when you rent a yacht in Rhodes. The island is the largest of the Dodecanese and has an eventful past. The old town of the island capital with the Grand Master's Palace and the mighty city walls is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Apart from that, Rhodes is very touristy and ideal for a yacht charter Rhodes.

Marina Mandraki is located in the northeast of the island. It is usually the starting point for sailing from Rhodes. Small stores and restaurants are located right next to the port. The old town can be reached on foot in a few minutes. Worth seeing are the old windmills, which are located at the harbor. A little further south, a new marina has also been built.

Discover the island world of the Dodecanese - Yacht for rent Rhodes

Symi is located about 20 nautical miles to the northwest as seen from Rhodes city. Many sailors like the island on a yacht charter Dodecanese because there are numerous beautiful bays. There is only one place on the island that has a harbor. But more beautiful is the bay Pedi, which lies to the south in direct neighborhood to the bay Symi. Here numerous taverns invite you to stay. A regular bus takes you to the island village in a few minutes. In the south the bay Panormitis is worthwhile. When sailing from Rhodes, a visit to the monastery of the Archangel Michael should be planned here.

Other interesting islands are the volcanic island of Nisiros and Tilos, which are also easily accessible from Kos on a Dodecanese yacht charter. On Nisiros a hike to the volcanic crater is recommended, Tilos has an elephant museum worth seeing. The small port Livadia offers a good infrastructure to get provisions, water and electricity. A recommendation is the Pezodromos Cafe. It is located directly on the waterfront and offers delicious food, music and a special flair.

Rent a yacht and discover Rhodes on the northern coast for only a few nautical miles away to the islands of Chalki and Alimia. Halki has a long past, which is visible in some ruins. These include a medieval castle built in the 14th century. A beautiful bay is Potamos, which has nice sandy beaches. On the largely uninhabited island of Alimia, the ruins of a Johannite castle are worth a visit. In the southwest there is an anchoring bay, which offers good protection from wind and swell when sailing from Rhodes.

It is worthwhile to rent yacht and discover Rhodes in the west. A nice destination is the bay of Lindos, where fantastic beaches are waiting. Worth seeing are the acropolis and the relief of a Rhodian galley, which are cut into the rock. In the surrounding area there are other testimonies from antiquity.

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