Have you always wanted to own your own yacht? Then we offer you an economically sensible possibility with our Yachtinvest.  Become the owner of a yacht and benefit from all the advantages of the Charter Management Program.

You have to take care of almost nothing. Marketing, service and accounting will be done for you and you can fulfill your dream and become a yacht owner. Individualize your yacht - whether motor yacht, sailing yacht or catamaran according to your personal needs. We will help you and advise you on equipment and yacht model, so that you get a good utilization.


The yachtinvest - program is basically the basis of the charter business. Owners invest in their personal yacht, which is maintained by the local service partner, so that your return on investment is as high as possible. If you also want to become a yacht owner, but are unsure because of financing, maintenance, or even don't have enough time, yachtinvest is the best choice for you.


Solid booking capacity
Financial security
Professional maintenance, which pays off especially in resale
Warranty and service handling
Favorable financing with leasing partners
Transparent booking overview
Owner weeks / charter savings
Insurance conclusion


You are relatively free to decide which yacht you would like to buy. Bavaria Yacht, Dufour, Beneteau, Hanse Yachts, Jeanneau, Dehler, Sealine, Nautitech, Lagoon and Fountaine Pajot catamarans are at your disposal. Due to the very good purchase conditions and the high maintenance standard you secure a good revenue with the resale and until then dreamlike vacations on your yacht!

The berth, the insurance and all official procedures will be organized for you. With charter bases in Croatia, Turkey and Greece you are able to enjoy your vacations in the most versatile areas worldwide.

But not only the purchase conditions are important. Most important is of course the marketing and therefore the utilization. For this purpose we will be pleased to provide you with a profitability calculation for various yacht types and models. Yacht types and models. The calculations are based on real values and are verifiable by means of the booking calendar.



Basically, the choice is entirely up to you - but we will gladly take you by the hand and guide you to a marketable basic variant, which can be expanded according to personal needs. The last few years have shown a clear trend towards more comfort and luxury, which is why we are happy to offer you our support in this area as well. Especially sailing yachts like the Bavaria C38, or Bavaria C42 are very well booked. But also catamarans from Fountaine Pajot, Lagoon and Bali have established themselves very well in the market.

In any case, you will get a clear direction from experience regarding berth, yacht selection and of course basic equipment.


Basically there are 2 different Yachtinvest - models, which can be financed by savings, leasing, or loans.

Buying a yacht through Yachtinvest

We are only happy if you are too!

Buy your personal dream yacht, or use our professional charter management program!

Whether catamaran, motor or sailing yacht - we combine your personal needs and accompany you fully from the inquiry to delivery. Because your dream should come true!

Step by step to your own yacht:

Choose the right yacht brand and above all the right model
Which yacht equipment do you want?
Where should your home port be?
Do you want to buy the yacht privately or are you interested in our charter management?
Maintenance by an experienced service team, so that you and your yacht are doing well
If you want to sell your yacht after a few years, we will be happy to assist you with the marketing up to the change of ownership.

Charter management

Yacht ownership is an unimaginable commitment for many. Financially, as well as organizationally. Some think of the many problems, such as maintenance, care, lack of trust in the service companies. Also one would like to enter his ship in the vacation and go out immediately.


But we can give you from our own experience - it can be done differently! 

With our charter management - program you become carefree yacht owner and can enjoy your vacation as such several times a year. Basically, the income from chartering out the yacht is slightly more than the running costs. That means mooring fees, service costs, small repairs, depreciation or financing costs and also the marketing of your yacht will pay for themselves. 

The most important thing here is that you choose the right service - base and the best possible marketing.

But we would also like to tell you honestly: You should not necessarily look at yachtinvest as a great return opportunity. Rather it is an investment out of passion, which however is fun in comparison to private ownership from an entrepreneurial point of view. In addition, one saves charter costs and last but not least, after a few years, the surplus from the sale of used boats remains.

Above all, this kind of yacht ownership is a safe way to fulfill your dream. So you can look forward to your vacation! 

We offer the charter management program in Croatia, Turkey and Greece. No matter if catamaran, motor yacht or sailing yacht - we will definitely find the right model with the right equipment for you. Above all we take you by the hand, so that your ship becomes attractive. 

Charter management in a nutshell

Transparent offer about yacht and charter package
Complete yacht provisioning and equipment
Carefree yacht ownership 
Leasing organization or private loan possible
Cost recovery through chartering
The yacht is always ready for your vacation 
High maintenance standards and best service
Booking overview of your own ship
Transparent annual account
Special conditions 
Favorable financing
Owner weeks / charter savings
Insurance, fees and accounting are organized for you
Support for resale
Classic financing

You order the yacht of your choice from us and pay 100% of the purchase price shortly before delivery. The yacht will be transferred to a local company for tax reasons, so you do not have to pay the VAT. The income but also the costs for the bear you as the owner. The total statement will be neatly listed to you at the end of the year in the form of a statement. For owners who have to finance the yacht, monthly deductions can be agreed upon, which reduce the annual income and thus the bank liabilities can be serviced.
In this model you can spend up to 6 owner weeks a year on the ship. After approx. 7 years you can either take over the ship privately or make it available for further charters.

Yacht - Leasing

You contribute about 50% of the share personally and the rest of the purchase price is financed by the local company. In this case you do not receive any income - but you also do not bear any costs. Should there still be a deficit at the end of the year, these must be taken over by the owner. Usually this is not the case - but especially after the learning effect from Covid - times you should be aware of a certain residual risk. But what would be an investment without risk - this is unfortunately almost impossible.

After approx. 6 years you can take over the yacht again privately or leave it in charter.



You will be managed as a so-called owner from the moment of order or payment. You receive a real-time accounting overview and documentation of maintenance work. 90% of the vessels are managed by the company on site, as accounting and taxation are thus handled by a central company. Of course, you could also set up your own company, but this involves additional costs.

As a so-called owner you will receive an owner's contract and a notarized security for your vessel.

How is the charter income divided?

In the classic case, the charter income is divided as follows. From the 100% income, 35% is deducted for service and marketing. These remain with the service company, or with the charter agency. In addition, the applicable value added tax is deducted. With the rest you have to pay for the berth, the repairs, the insurance and the financing.

The 35% includes for example the following:

Agency commission for a high occupancy rate
Reception and assistance on site (check-in / check-out)
Small repair works during the season
Charter bookkeeping
Yachtinvest - but which yacht should I choose?

Basically, the choice is entirely up to you - but we will gladly take you by the hand and guide you to a marketable basic option, which can be expanded according to your personal needs. The last few years have shown a clear trend towards more comfort and luxury, which is why we are happy to offer you our support here as well.
In any case, you will get a clear direction from experience regarding the berth, the yacht selection and of course the basic equipment.

Yachtinvest - Registration?

As mentioned, we recommend to include the yacht in an existing company, but you can also start a company. Establishing a company in Croatia is not difficult and costs about 3.750,- EUR. Of this amount, approx. 2.500,- EUR is basic capital, which can be reused. We also offer support in this area - however, we always recommend using the existing company in order to keep downstream costs as low as possible.

By the way, you should also have thought about a name for your dream yacht by then - because it has to be registered in the ship's papers.


Yachtinvest and damages

All yachts in the charter fleet are fully insured. In case of a fully comprehensive insurance, the driving guest is always liable with the deposit, which also represents the deductible. The cost of damage is borne by the insurance or from the deposit of the charter client who caused the damage. Again, it is important that the local service partner acts quickly and has a lot of experience, so that your ship can leave as soon as possible.

Yachtinvest & Resale

With proper maintenance, one assumes a resale value of about 50-60% after the 6-7 years in charter. In the end, this is also where most of the return is hidden, since during the term, pretty much all of the income has to cover the costs incurred. One must also be aware that a yacht investment is not a big business model and cannot be compared to real estate. But despite all that, you can use your ship during the year, save a lot of charter costs - if you could afford to charter for 4 weeks at all. And you have your dream yacht, which can be taken over at the end of the term.


A successful interaction of owner, yacht charter base and marketing agency and for many a feasible way to the dream yacht.

If you are interested and would like a non-binding consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us! We would be happy to welcome you as a new owner!

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