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A yacht charter in the Ionian Sea takes sailors to the island world west of the Greek mainland. Renting a sailboat and discovering Greece's island world off the west coast is worthwhile. Dreamlike bays with beautiful beaches, varied, surprisingly green landscapes and historical villages characterize the Ionian Islands. The area is suitable for all those who like to spend a relaxed vacation with nice swimming stops. Even for less experienced sailors a yacht charter in Ionian Sea is a perfect choice. The winds are not too challenging for beginners.

Sailing trip Ionian Sea

Touristic the islands offer cultural influences that reach back to ancient times. The Greeks left their traces here as well as the Romans. Corfu, Kefalonia and Zakynthos are directly accessible by charter flights. All islands are connected by ferries. If you want to travel by car, there are numerous connections from Ancona or Brindisi in Italy. Corfu can also be reached from Bari.


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Sailing area Ionian Sea


The best time to rent a yacht in the Ionian Sea is between June and September. At this time the sea and the air are pleasantly warm. In July and August the daytime temperatures can rise above 30 °C, and the water warms up to an average of 23 to 24 °C. The low season extends from April to May. However, those who rent a yacht in the Ionian Sea at this time must expect cool nights. The water rises to 18 °C only in May. From May to September there are hardly any rainy days. This changes in October, which is also still mild, but comparatively wet with an average of eight days of precipitation. From November to March there are hardly any sailing yachts for rent in the Ionian Sea. It is the rainy season, but it has a nice side effect. It ensures that the islands are much greener during the season than in the Aegean.

Sailing Ionian Islands

The sailing area is attractive because of its beautiful bays, but not too demanding. It is a low wind area with calm waters. The wind blows from May to September with force three to five. If you rent a catamaran in Greece, you will experience a revival of the wind until the afternoon before it dies down towards the evening. In October, the air movements come to life and occasionally create a downdraft wind. Storms are rare even in autumn. Passages between the Ionian Islands and between the island chain and the Greek mainland are well protected. Therefore yacht charter Ionian is ideal not only for beginners but also for families.


Interesting destinations on a yacht charter Ionian Sea


The island world off the west coast of the Greek mainland is very green compared to the Aegean Sea. Starting point to rent a boat and discover Ionian Islands are several. The most populated island is also the most northern: Corfu. It has an easily accessible airport and is the destination of numerous ferry lines from Italy. One line even departs from Venice, making a stressful car trip much shorter. If you rent a sailing yacht on Corfu, you will experience lush nature and pretty places that invite you to stroll. The old town of Corfu City is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is worth a visit as well as the lush, green landscape. If you rent a sailing yacht on Corfu, it is worth visiting the monastery of Paleokastritsa in the west of the island, which stands on a rocky outcrop with a magnificent view. At the southern tip, the ruins of the monastery Panagia are perched on a cliff from which a view to Paxos island is possible.


An idea for a sailing trip Ionian Sea could be to rent a catamaran on Corfu and sail along the east coast over to Paxos. First to appear on the smallest of the main islands is the picturesque bay of Lakka, where many skippers moor. Alternatively, you can anchor in the marina of Gaios, in front of which there are two picturesque islands. In the village you can buy provisions and other useful things for the onward journey. The cistern offers a beautiful view over the village and the island. Only a few nautical miles away is Antipaxos with some beautiful bathing bays.

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