The individual private - skipper training brings you the fastest to success. You can decide yourself which focus you want to train. Moreover, you are not with strangers on the ship, but charter the ship and the skipper yourself. 

Would you like to enjoy a completely individual skipper training? Maybe exactly on your dream yacht?

Then grab your loved ones and enjoy a skipper training of a special kind. You simply tell us your desired date and your desired yacht and we will organize the rest for you. By the way, all skipper trainings can also be conducted in English. The spearhead of our skippers is specialized in this kind of trainings! 

On which yacht you would like to do your private training, you can choose freely. Click here to search for a yacht! 

Also the wish - skipper we make possible! Find your Skipper!

Find your perfect skipper with us! So your vacation becomes a pleasure! If you have any questions, please contact us personally! 

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