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A common location for yacht charters is Italy. It provides seafarers with an unmatched experience because to its rich history, beautiful scenery, and distinctive culture. Italy has a wide variety of regions that are appropriate for yacht charters. The Amalfi Coast, Sardinia, and Sicily are some of the most well-liked areas. The Amalfi Coast is renowned for its charming towns, breathtaking cliffs, and azure waters. Sailors who wish to take in the natural beauty, as well as the region's rich history and culture, frequently travel there.

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Sardinia is a very popular island on or near the west coast of Italy. There is just a daytrip by a sailingboat, when you are starting from Tuscany. But it´s possible to fly directly to Sardegna. There is an well suited airport and a good infrastructure. 

Sardinia is a well-liked spot for yacht charters and provides a variety of sailing activities. The Mediterranean Sea island is renowned for its lovely coves, spotless beaches, and glistening waves. The ideal approach to experience Sardinia's natural beauty and the liberation of sailing is to rent a sailing yacht. We would be pleased to assist you in selecting a boat if you wish to hire a sailing yacht in Italy. A bareboat charter lets you operate the yacht on your own if you have sailing expertise. You may also choose to hire a crewed charter or a skippered boat, though, if you are less experienced or would rather have a crew to take care of navigation and safety.

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The coast is known for its amazing bays, crystal clear waters and nice yacht harbors and marinas. There are many opportunities for anchoring and relaxing, as well as numerous beaches for swimming and sunbathing. Another great destination for sailing in Sardinia is the Maddalena archipelago. The islands are known for their unspoiled nature and picturesque bays. There are also many historical places to visit, such as the Forte Sant'Andrea and the Church of Sant'Anna. Sardinia also offers many opportunities for water sports activities such as snorkeling, diving and kite surfing. There are many bays and beaches ideal for these activities.

Overall, Sardinia offers an incomparable experience for sailors who like the idyllic sea and bays. Usually sailors have enogh wind and the open sea around Sardegna is really a nice hotspot for European sailingspots. With its stunning nature, picturesque bays and rich culture, it is a perfect destination for a yacht charter. Rent your sailing yacht now and enjoy the beauty of Sardinia on your sailing yacht or your sailing catamaran.


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Sardinia is a true paradise for sailors. With its pristine beaches, turquoise waters and breathtaking landscapes, the island offers everything you could want from a sailing trip. A sailing route along the coast of Sardinia offers the opportunity to discover the beauty of the island while enjoying the freedom and sense of adventure that sailing offers. One of the most popular sailing routes in Sardinia runs along the east coast of the island. Start in the picturesque city of Olbia and sail along the coast, passing bays and beaches such as the famous Cala Brandinchi and the beautiful Cala Luna. Afterwards you can visit the nature reserve Tavolara-Punta Coda Cavallo, ideal for the snorkeling excursion.

Continue eastward until you reach the village of Golfo Aranci, from whence you may take a short boat journey to the island of La Maddalena. There are several bays and beaches here that urge you to rest and swim. Cala Coticcio, with its crystal blue seas and white sandy beach, is a special feature. Continue sailing from La Maddalena along Sardinia's west coast, past the famed Costa Smeralda and the beaches of Porto Cervo. Here you may relax and enjoy a range of excellent boutique hotels, restaurants, and pubs.

Alghero is yet another treasure on Sardinia's west coast. The old town of Alghero is surrounded by a small city wall and contains several historical structures, including the Cathedral of Santa Maria and the Torre della Polveriera. Another route follows Sardinia's southern coast. Passing through Cagliari and the beaches of Pula and Chia. There are various bays and beaches in this area where you can relax and swim. Cala Pisana is famous for its clear blue sea and white sandy beach. May sailors choose this route, because its attractive for a one week sailing vacation!

If we can assist to create an attractive sailing route for your vacation, don´t hesitate to contact us personally! 

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Sailing in Sicily

Along Sardinia's west coast, Alghero is a further treasure. The Cathedral of Santa Maria and the Torre della Polveriera are only two of the ancient buildings in Alghero's old town, which is surrounded by a medieval city wall. Through Cagliari and the beaches of Pula and Chia, another sailing route follows Sardinia's southern coast. The area has a number of beaches and bays that beckon you to relax and go swimming. One unique feature is the white sand beach and crystalline blue water in Cala Pisana.

Another popular sailing destination is Sicily. The north coast, where are many towns and ports is famous for his historic towns and also for his bays and cliffs. There are many possibilities for anchoring, swimming and enjoying. A further hotspot is the west coast, where are many small islands. There you will get a feeling like in the Carribean. Many orange farms and really much nature give you the feeling, you are in the paradise! The town of Siracusa or the beaches around like Cala Miosche and Cala Rossa you have to visit, when you are in Sicily.

Sicily also offers many opportunities for water sports activities such as snorkeling, diving and kite surfing. There are many bays and beaches ideal for these activities. Overall, Sicily offers an incomparable experience for sailors. With its stunning nature, picturesque bays and rich culture, it is a perfect destination for a yacht charter in Italy.

The most popular sailing destinations in Italy

  • Sardegna
  • Sicily
  • Tuscany
  • Napoli, Salerno
  • Calabria


To rent a sailing yacht or a sailing catamaran

There are many of options to hire a sailing catamaran or a sailing yacht in Tuscany, a well-known travel destination in Italy. Due to the ample area for sunbathing, grilling, and enjoyment, catamarans are quite popular and many groups charter one. This kind of ship has a lot of room and comfort on board and is sturdy and safe. Renting a catamaran gives you the chance to discover Italy's splendor on the sea in supreme luxury.

The island of Elba is a particularly well-liked location for catamaran charters in Tuscany. The island, which sits off the coast of Tuscany, has both ancient attractions and pristine natural beauty. There are several beaches for lounging and swimming, as well as bays and ports where you may anchor. The island of Capraia is a fantastic additional location for catamaran cruises in Tuscany. The island, which located off the coast of Tuscany, has both untouched natural beauty and historical landmarks like the fortifications of Castello and Fortezza. There are many of beaches where you may unwind and swim, as well as lots of bays and harbors where you can anchor. Additionally, renting a catamaran gives you the chance to partake in a variety of water sports including snorkeling and diving.


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