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Off the coast of Northern Greece stretches the coast of the Thracian Sea. It stretches from the Halkidiki peninsula to the Turkish northwest coast. It is also possible to rent a yacht in Greece to sail from the north coast to the Northern Sporades. The area is considered to be particularly green and compared to other regions it is not quite as touristy. A yacht charter from Northern Greece offers the chance to discover not only the enchanting coastal scenery but also an unspoiled Greece.

Islands like Thasos or Samothrace offer beautiful bays for swimming and snorkeling. In addition, there are green vegetation and mountains, which allow a beautiful view over the northern Aegean Sea. Surprising is the biodiversity that can be discovered here after yacht rental in Greece. Along the coast, taverns in pretty fishing villages invite you to linger. Numerous archaeological sites bear witness to the glorious history that goes back to the time before antiquity.

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Sailing in Northern Greece

In the northern Aegean there are mostly steady winds from May to September, which are ideal for yacht charter in northern Greece. The main wind is the Meltemi, but it is much less strong here than in the southern Aegean. Occasionally there are thunderstorms. Between June and August, the thermometer rises above 30 degrees Celsius, and the water temperature reaches 25 degrees. From mid-October it can get quite fresh in the north of Greece. In winter there is also frequent rain, while in summer it usually stays dry.

Especially Keramoti and Nikiti are worthwhile as a starting point for sailing in northern Greece. Off the coast of Keramoti is the island of Thasos, which is also a nice place for bird watching. Nikiti is located on the peninsula Chalkidiki, which is predestined for a yacht charter in Northern Greece with its three fingers and numerous bays.


Yacht charter from Keramoti

Keramoti Marina is located only 10 kilometers from Kavala Airport, which has direct flights from some cities in the German speaking area. Alternatively the journey is possible via Athens. The port is mainly used by ferries and fishing boats, so the number of berths for yacht charter in northern Greece is limited. Off the coast lies the main tourist destination: Thasos. Around the marina you will find restaurants and shopping.

In Keramoti, sun-seekers will find numerous beaches, most of which are located to the south of the small town. To the west, the Nestos River flows into the Thracian Sea. The delta is under special protection as a national park. In the zone where the southern water of the river meets the salt water of the sea, lagoons rich in species have formed. Flamingos, gulls and egrets have their breeding grounds here. Migratory birds also rest here.

The larger city is Kavala, which lies about 10 kilometers to the west and is worth a visit. The castle ruins in the old town offer a beautiful view of the harbor. In the alleyways numerous restaurants invite you to spend some time. If you have time before or after the yacht charter from Keramoti, you can visit the Rodopi Mountain Range National Park in the north. Especially nature lovers, the area like. Hiking trails through the forest lead to lakes and rivers. Also some waterfalls rush into the valley.

Sailing from Northern Greece and discover Thasos

The most popular destination on a yacht charter from Keramoti is the island of Thasos, which is six nautical miles from the marina. It is the northernmost of the large Aegean islands and was famous in ancient times for its white marble. Today the island is a natural paradise where more than 200 species of birds can be seen. More than 70 of them breed here. Several species of turtles also live on Thassos. In the mountains, hikers will find beautiful trails that pass rivers, lakes and waterfalls.

In the north, Thassos Town is worth a visit, but the island's capital is very busy during the season. Two harbors are available for a stop during a yacht charter in northern Greece. A few steps from the old harbor, remains of the ancient market can be visited. The old town is easily accessible from both marinas. To the left and right of the marinas, beaches offer the possibility of sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling. In the south, the bay of Akiki is recommended. Besides archaeological sites, there are beautiful beaches here. The peninsula offers beautiful views.

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The islands of the Thracian Sea

East of Thasos, the island of Samothrace rises out of the sea. Even from a distance you can see the mountain range Saos, which is up to 1,611 meters high. According to Greek legend, the sea god Poseidon watched the battle for Troy from there. For the ascent of the Fengari, as the mountain is also called, one day must be planned. To the east is the port of Kamariotissa, around which there are good supply facilities. To the north is the small port of Therma (also called Loutra), which is a nice starting point for hikes.

On the steep coast in the south, the Kremasto Nero, the fourth highest waterfall in Europe, falls into the sea. A spectacular experience before visiting Limnos after yacht rental in Greece. The island is located southwest of Samothrace. The most interesting place is Poliochni, which was inhabited 7,000 years ago. The archaeological sites in the east of the island are part of the European cultural heritage. Limnos is known for a good Weil and cheese. In addition, the island has a very varied landscape.

Yacht charter from Nikiti

Halkidiki is the peninsula with the three distinctive fingers pointing south. A yacht charter for Northern Greece is possible from Nikiti Marina. Arrival is possible via Thessaloniki airport which is located to the northwest. The three fingers Kassandra, Silhonia and Athos have many beautiful bays which can be stopovers during a yacht charter from Nikiti. It should be noted that the autonomous monastic republic of Athos may only be approached with a permit when sailing in northern Greece.

To the west lies the Thermaic Gulf, which leads into the Bay of Thessaloniki. To the east is the Thracian Sea. Nikiti itself was founded about 2,500 years ago by settlers from Euböna. On a yacht charter in Northern Greece it is worth visiting the ruins of Sophronius. It features mosaics created using a special technique developed in the Roman Empire.

The marina is open all year round and allows entry and exit free from shoals and reefs. The facilities are good by Greek standards. There are sanitary facilities and water and electricity at the jetty. WLAN reaches to the boat. Restaurants and stores are within walking distance. The place has beautiful beaches.

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Interesting destinations during a yacht charter from Nikiti

Nikiti is located on the west side of the middle finger Sithonia. Sailing south along the coast you will reach Porto Koufo bay just before the end. The Greeks appreciated it already about 2.500 years ago, because it gives a good protection even during heavy storms. The ancient harbor is now below sea level and is worth a dive. A hike to Mount Kapors is recommended, which offers a magnificent view of the cliffs along the coast. In the bay there are restaurants and a beautiful beach. During the Second World War, the natural harbor was used by the German submarine fleet. Some facilities can still be seen.

On the eastern side of Sithonia is the large bay of Sykias, which has numerous beaches. When navigating, watch out for shoals. There are some taverns, otherwise the supply situation is not optimal. A nice anchorage is located in the north of the small island of Siaporos. From the bay of Kriftos you can enjoy the tranquility during a hike across the island.

Towards the west a cruise leads into the Thracian Sea to the island of Limnos. Towards the south it is not far to the islands of the Northern Sporades. It is worth chartering a yacht and discovering Northern Greece's varied territory.

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