We have been looking at charter purchases for a long time and were actually fixated on motor yachts. Despite years of sailing, our dream was an economical flybridge yacht like the Bavaria E40 Fly. 

But somehow we couldn't really get comfortable with it and always had the costs in the back of our minds. After a few consultations and looking at the booking overview, we came down to earth. A sailing yacht was the real deal. 

We were able to determine pretty much everything ourselves in the course of the configuration and thus opted for a full equipment. In retrospect, the right choice, as quickly became apparent in the booking situation. 

At the end of the year, we receive a transparent statement with all income and expenses. We plan our vacations in the personal booking overview and save again significantly compared to chartering. But best of all is the year-round care and professional service, which you could never organize so well as a private owner if you are not on site. Of course, you have to turn a blind eye to small traces of use, but we have not yet had a single real damage, which was settled via the deposit. 

In sum, we are very happy and now enjoy up to 6 weeks at sea, which would not have been possible before due to budget constraints. And after about 7 years we will most likely decide to buy another boat, or sell the current sailboat. Maybe it will work out sometime with the long-awaited circumnavigation ;-) 

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