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Yacht charter Greece - a special experience! Greece is one of the most exciting sailing areas worldwide! The countless islands with their rocky bays as well as the ancient sites inspire water sports fans and culture enthusiasts alike. Experience the hospitality and the idyllic taverns with their culinary offer. Of course, wine is not to be missed - there is something for everyone!

Coastal length: over 13,000 kilometers
Islands: 3054 (113 permanently inhabited)
Winds: Meltemi
Sailing season: April to early November
Climate: Mediterranean


Yacht charter Greece offers you a true charter adventure. Azure waters, romantic bays and islands with extraordinary flair guarantee an unforgettable cruise with your rental yacht. Persistent sunshine and little rain allow exciting tours with the motor yacht or the catamaran from early April to November.

Yacht charter Greece - a feel-good climate of a special kind!

The dry summer air in the months of June to September is softened by the pleasant Meltemi. In spring and late autumn south-westerly winds can arise. The sea water is warm until the end of October and invites to extensive swimming or water sports. If we can help you with your cruise planning, we are looking forward to your call!


Greece is often called the land of the four seas. This includes the Aegean Sea, the Ionian Sea, the Cretan Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The Greek coast is extremely idyllic and in many places nature is still largely untouched. Renting a catamaran, a sailing yacht or a motor yacht allows you to enjoy this unique landscape and the crystal clear sea water without the crowds of tourists typical in the high season.

Lonely fishing villages & indescribable flair

Due to its long coastline Greece offers countless possibilities for an unforgettable yacht charter. Secluded bays and romantic harbors can be explored anew every day. More than 3000 islands are waiting to be discovered. Also culturally there is much to offer. Ancient excavations and temples can be marveled at.

For sailing beginners with a boat license a sailing trip in the Ionian Sea is best suited. Here you will find easy wind conditions, many anchorages, small fishing villages, but also tourist hotspots. For all professional sailors or travelers with a skipper, the Cyclades with its lively winds are suitable. A breathtaking cruise and long sandy beaches can be enjoyed there.

Water sports lovers will also get their money's worth

Surfers will find ideal conditions on the islands of Paros and Naxos. Greece is one of the most idyllic areas. The infrastructure is far from being comparable to that in Croatia. Therefore we recommend to start planning your trip in time to have enough food and service water. But even so it will be fun and make your yacht charter an unforgettable experience!

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Whether you have a boat license or a skipper, you will find a wide range of exclusive yachts, boats and catamarans. Plan your unforgettable boating vacation in Greece. For example in the Cyclades in Paros, we are happy to advise you!

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