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So mach one searches in the vastness of the Internet for yacht charter Mediterranean and finds countless offers and advertisements. But which provider is the right one, what do I expect from my yacht charter company and how do I best proceed? This is a question many customers ask themselves and we at Zacherl Yachtcharter would like to give you a little insight today!



Basically you should know that most yachts belong to a so-called owner. The owner is an investor and has fulfilled his dream by buying a yacht and putting it on a charter. Thus he covers his expenses and takes over his personal yacht for little money after a few years.


In order to utilize this yacht in the best possible way, it would make little sense to enter the charter market alone. You don't have the customers and the reach to operate this business model in a way that covers your costs. In addition, you also need an accounting department, a good service, and the personnel to carry out check-in and check-out properly. A so-called yacht charter base is therefore absolutely necessary.


Since the bases, mostly live only from the service, or the ships in Schuß hold a professional marketing is required to keep the utilization of the ship high. And this is where the agencies come into play. They also take care that customers receive an exact answer when they enter a keyword in Google, for example. Namely, as many providers as possible in this segment.


Yacht charter agencies usually map the marketing of the respective partner bases and deal less with the technical side of things. This leaves time and money to devote to the commercial part. Of course there are also bases that offer both, marketing and service, but these bases usually work together with additional agencies to increase the profitability.

Because a yacht needs at least 20 weeks per season to be profitable at the current price level.


Mediterranean Yacht Charter - Costs and Yields

With 20 weeks a so-called total turnover results, which is unfortunately minimized by considerable costs. From this turnover incl. marketing, service, and maintenance costs or sales taxes about 50% are deducted. So an owner has about 50% of the turnover left to finance the yacht. Even if you have some money left over, you want to refinance the capital investment through the yacht charter - so the calculation remains the same.


Mediterranean yacht charter in a triumvirate

And now we come to the real question: Why should I book my yacht with an agency? Agencies do not act differently than travel agencies. I.e. depending upon philosophy of the travel agency one maps all available yachts world-wide, or one limits oneself to quality and uses its acquired know how. Many agencies advertise with "30.000 yachts worldwide". But is it guaranteed that the yachts are in a perfect condition? Can you trust the local charter company?


This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff.

Because the trick is not to take over all the yachts in your agency in order to look big. That would even be the easiest thing to do - at the push of a button, so to speak. The art, and this is what we understand our job to be, is to find the best bases and to offer the customer the best possible service.


If you are not quite sure about your destination, or if you have any doubts due to the current situation, please feel free to contact us personally! We will be happy to advise you and will certainly find the right solution for a wonderful charter vacation!

By the way, you can postpone your charter vacation free of charge in case of travel restrictions, quarantine orders greater than 5 days and border closures. This means that your deposits are in safe hands and we will find a new date together!

Here you can find all yachts of Zacherl Charter! To the yacht search...


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