Charter a sailingboat

Charter a sailingboat

Who does not dream of a dream vacation by the sea, where he can let his soul dangle? Completely flexible and far away from speed, stress and deadlines. And all this combined with one of the most beautiful places to live in the world. Are you looking for and would like to charter a sailing yacht? Then you are exactly right with us!

To make sure you are on the safe side when chartering a sailing yacht, we have selected the best partner bases for you, with whom we work exclusively. Of course it would be all the easier to include all yachts worldwide in our portfolio. However, for us safety and above all satisfaction of our customers take absolute priority! For this reason you will find "only" about 700 sailing yachts worldwide - but these and also their service personnel are selected with sense and understanding.


Actually quite simple! You should know approximately where you want to go, what your preferences are in terms of equipment and then together we will find an attractive offer. It is also worth mentioning that many customers who want to charter a sailing yacht for the first time assume that they need a sailing license. This is not quite so. An official sailing license "yes" - but this is called "Sportbootführerschein See" in Germany. With this you are almost worldwide on the safe side. In addition, for commercially used yachts you need a radio license (Ex: SRC), as soon as a radio is installed on board.

As soon as these parameters are fulfilled, you can charter a sailing yacht. If you do not have a license - no problem - then we will be happy to provide you with a professional skipper who will take you safely and securely to the most beautiful places in the world! By the way, we also offer regular skipper training courses, where you can learn how to handle a sailing yacht from scratch.


Between March and November you can charter a sailing yacht without any problems. Beyond that, we are in the winter months when servicing takes place. During this time major servicing and repairs are carried out to make the sailing yacht fit again for the next season. The prices vary greatly. As in the hotel industry, they are highest in Europe in July and August. But then you are also in high summer - perfect for a beach vacation! On average you pay for a sailing yacht about 2.000,- EUR / week. For a catamaran you will pay around 3.000,- EUR / week.

In addition to the charter price there are usually additional fees. These are often named differently. Transitlog, permit, tourist tax etc. are partly governmental fees on site and you can compare them with a kind of vignette. But contact us - we will be happy to explain everything to you in detail!


There are different strategies. If you are flexible in terms of time and can strike as soon as the right offer is available, then you have an advantage in terms of price called "last minute". Often it is not the sailing yachts you might personally want to have - but you can also be lucky! This will certainly save you another 5-20%.

For most, the vacation is but a planned period and defined by the employer, private appointments, or even school vacations. In order to be able to guarantee you planning security, there are everywhere the so-called early booking discounts. These are usually valid from September of the previous year until about February and accordingly in the period already 50-60% of the sailing yachts are chartered.

In summary, this means: 

Very favorable: Flexible, late to last minute, less demands on the yacht and the destination - main thing vacation!

Attractive: With the start of the early booking discount from September of the previous year until about March in the year of travel.


Well - there are many advantages! For one thing, a sailing yacht is now extremely well equipped. The equipment ranges from a spacious berth to air conditioning. But mainly sailing yachts offer an extremely comfortable living space and have a lot of surface area. On deck there is a lot of sunbathing space and the engine room is relatively small. In addition, a sailing yacht is very economical. Consumption is about 2-4 L/h at medium speed.

For all the sailors among us, the possibility of sailing should not be neglected, of course. Sailing is more than just a means of transportation. Driving a sailing yacht under sail gives you a piece of freedom and fascinates again and again by the noiseless locomotion. Besides it preserves naturally also the purse.

If you then lie in the evening in a picturesque bay, or directly at a harbor jetty in front of the restaurant, you could think you were in absolute paradise!


When chartering a sailing yacht, you should always choose the right partner. Preferably, this should be located in your own country, because on the one hand you can communicate better, but on the other hand you are also legally better protected. In the summer of 2020, there was a groundbreaking court decision from the Bavarian regional court. This states that a charter customer can sue in disputes with the foreign charterer before the domestic court and on the basis of domestic law. Although a foreign jurisdiction would be specified in the charter contract. This is a decisive argument for booking with a domestic yacht charter agency! Only then the booking will lead you to a decisive legal security.

In addition, you should always know what obligations you are entering into when you make a booking. How are the cancellation regulations and above all, how does my partner react in case of a pandemic! In our case, for example, all customers without exception were rebooked for another period - free of charge. Thus, no customer lost his payments!

Make sure you also know about the possibilities of coverage when chartering a sailing yacht. With our partner YACHT-POOL we offer you an all-embracing protection! By the way, you can find the possible types of insurance here.


As mentioned we have selected the best charter bases worldwide for you. With love, heart and mind you will find a selection of the best bases & the greatest service! 29 locations in 9 countries and over 600 sailing yachts are waiting for you!  If we have aroused your interest and you would like to charter a sailing yacht, we would be very happy to receive your personal call!

Best regards

Your team from Zacherl Charter

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