Yachtcharter tips

Yachtcharter tips

Dear charter customers,

so that you can fully enjoy the most beautiful time of the year, we tell you in our new series "Yacht charter - the right way!" what you need to consider from the offer to the return of the yacht.


Get a quote:

Be clear: Which charter yacht should it be? If you don't know exactly because you are perhaps booking for the first time yourself, or have just acquired your license, you will usually have to rely on outside help. Good agencies advise you fully about yacht type, number of cabins, equipment, location, areas, parking situation on site, approach, route or even various equipment features. After the consultation, you will have about 3-4 yachts in your short personal selection, which allows you to choose a favorite by the recently acquired knowledge, or special wishes of the crew.



Also crucial is when you make your yacht charter - request. So there are of course always last minute offers with somewhat higher discounts. However, the right ship may not be available then. We therefore recommend a longer-term planning! Take advantage of the attractive early booking discounts. Of course, these are always dependent on the list price. There are charter companies that use extremely high list prices in order to be able to deduct the most attractive discounts possible. For you, however, the final price & the quality is always decisive!


What should be considered?

How serious is the yacht charter company behind it? Which service is offered to me and in which condition are the charter yachts? In contrast to many online platforms, we have decided to cooperate only with selected bases. Although we do not have as many yachts, we know the conditions on site and can advise you. All our partners are fully vetted and selected with heart and mind. In the foreground is always the safety, the quality and also the professional handling. Especially in times of Covid19.


Yacht charter - compare offers correctly

Make sure that the offers are comparable! The indicated price is not always the one that is actually charged in the end. Find out which terms, such as transit log, permit, tourist tax, cleaning, etc. are included in the price, or what exactly is added to the charter price. Reputable companies that advertise personal service and good advice, unlike online platforms, can explain this to you in detail. Let them help you choose the right accessories and options. As in any industry, "Advice is only good if it's also passionate and your counterpart can demonstrate experience!"



Be sure to also pay attention to the cancellation conditions and the terms and conditions. Especially for current reasons, a regulation should also be fixed in case a country cannot be visited due to legal requirements because of e.g. a pandemic. Unfortunately, there were very many customers in 2020 who lost their entire deposit up to a total loss. They partly relied on dubious companies. In contrast, we were able to rebook all charters in consultation with the customers, which meant that no customer was upset.

Thank you all again for being so cooperative and understanding!

What happens after booking:

You will receive a booking confirmation in which the booked yacht is listed. Check whether the yacht is actually mentioned by name. It is also important that you check again whether all positions have been recorded and documented correctly. Upon receipt of the booking confirmation, the trip is booked and you transfer the deposit within the agreed deadline. At the same time you should also send us the skipper and radio license so that we can check them in advance. You should also fill out the crew list 4 weeks before arrival, in which all crew members and also the skipper are recorded. This serves on the one hand so that the government knows who is on the ship and on the other hand the tourist tax is calculated on this basis.


General terms and conditions

Please also pay attention to the general terms and conditions, which regulate the contract between the agency and the charter client. There are big differences here. You should also book in your own country if possible. This has to do with the fact that the place of jurisdiction is then also in your own country in case of dispute. We can tell you more about this in a personal conversation. There was recently a court decision that deals exactly with this case!

The core statement of this judgment: The OLG clearly stated that a charter customer in disputes with the foreign charter company can sue the latter before the charterer's domestic court and on the basis of domestic law - even if a foreign place of jurisdiction was specified in the charter contract!


How do I protect my yacht charter?

Be sure to also find out about coverage for your trip. There are different yacht charter insurances. You have to decide for yourself which and if an insurance comes into question for you. However, you must also be aware of the consequences! The yachts are all fully insured, nevertheless there are limitations of liability, which you can avoid. Again - the choice of the right company is essential! We will also be happy to provide you with the application and guide you through the process.

And now you can start - the most beautiful time of the year can begin!


In the next article, we will inform you how to check in correctly and which points to consider.

Would you like to practice in advance? Then take a look at our learning materials! This makes learning fun!


We look forward to seeing you!

Best regards

Your team from Zacherl Charter

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