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Yacht rental Croatia - THE RIGHT WAY!

You are looking for a yacht and want to rent one? Then you are exactly right with us! In contrast to many online platforms, we prefer personal contact. We love to be there for our customers before, during and after the booking.

To tell you a little bit about yacht rental in Croatia, we would like to invite you to a little excursion.


If you rent a yacht in a country like Croatia, you will do almost nothing wrong. Quite the contrary! Croatia has the largest number of yachts in Europe. Due to the high number of yacht charter companies in Croatia the prices have naturally changed accordingly and you will get a lot of service for little money when compared to the international market.

Between April and October you can easily rent a yacht in Croatia. The prices vary and are highest in July and August. On average you pay about 2.000,- EUR / week for a sailboat. For a catamaran you will pay about 3.000,- EUR / week. This is a hard task, considering that yachts cost about 20-50 thousand EUR / year.


There is no silver bullet for this. It depends largely on what requirements you have for a yacht. If you are happy with almost any yacht, flexible in the period and the yacht port of departure plays a minor role, then you have good chances to find a favorable offer.

Basically, the booking season for Croatia begins in October of the previous year and lasts until April. Here one tries over extremely attractive early booking discounts zw. 10-30% already to achieve a certain basic utilization for the new season. One could claim that until March nearly 60% of all yachts are fully booked.

Therefore you should be clear as a booker how flexible you are and which wishes you have. Last but not least there are always free time slots left. These are at the latest a few weeks before the start of the charter as so-called last minute discounts and often bring you an additional 10% savings. However, most are less flexible and vacations, or vacation bound!

Basically, one could argue: 

Cheaper: Flexible, late to last minute, less demands on the yacht.

Attractive: With the beginning of the early booking discount from October of the previous year


When you rent a yacht in Croatia, you get almost everything your heart desires. Historic villages, crystal clear water, countless bays and sensational recreational opportunities. The mild climate makes the country one of the most popular vacation destinations. The island world off the mainland offers great anchorages and countless bays where you can enjoy the tranquility. Equally beautiful, can be small hiking trips on the island world. The landscape is relatively natural and you can enjoy the view of the open sea.

Since we find in Croatia a so-called weak wind area, this is terrific for renting a yacht.


Since the area has developed in the last 20 years to one of the top areas worldwide, you will find a very good infrastructure. Compared to Turkey, or the almost neighboring Greece, it can not happen that food is scarce. In Croatia you will find countless konobas and supermarkets. Also the gas station network is meanwhile very well developed.

You can spend the night in very well developed marinas and countless bays. Not everyone is happy about the continuous expansion of the buoy fields, but they serve the safety and thus countless new berths have been created.

Nevertheless, we always recommend our customers to make a halfway organized trip. That is, you create a route - gladly with some alternative options - but you should know when you have to refuel and when the refrigerator can be filled again. By the way, there are now some apps that give you good information about almost all places and bays.


We have made a selection of the best charter bases in Croatia for you. All partners have been selected with attention to detail. Because only if we can refer you to the base with full conviction, we have done our job well!

That's why you won't find all 4000 yachts in Croatia with us, but only 10% of them - but they are in a very good condition and the service of the base operators deserves a 1*. Yacht for rent Croatia - here you can find out even more!

If we have aroused your interest and you would like to charter a boat, we would be very pleased to receive your personal call!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Many greetings
Your team from Zacherl Charter

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