Skippered Yachtcharter

Skippered yachtcharter

Who doesn't dream of a yacht vacation, where one glides completely relaxed over the sea. Whether on a sailing yacht, a catamaran or a motor yacht remains initially irrelevant. Most yacht charter guests appreciate the privacy on board and enjoy exploring different places and bays every day. In contrast to hotels, where meal times and the program are predetermined, yacht vacationers enjoy the dreamlike flair and flexibility that a yacht charter offers. Children in particular benefit from the variety and recreational activities, such as snorkeling, swimming directly from the sea. 

However, since only a minority of the population possesses the necessary licenses to steer a yacht, most are denied the dream of a yacht vacation. Also, many lack the practice and not everyone is brave enough to steer a boat themselves. But we have a solution for that! Simply book a yacht charter with a skipper and benefit by handing over the responsibility and being able to relax all along the line. 

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Who is a good skipper?

Another challenge is that most of the time you don't know a skipper and you don't know how to coordinate the yacht charter booking and the skipper at the same time, so that the vacation also becomes a dream vacation. Also the question "Who is the right skipper for us?" can prevent one or the other from booking a yacht charter. As a rule, skippers have turned their hobby into their profession. In addition to training, thousands of nautical miles have been collected and quite honestly - you just have to be able to do it. Far away from friends and family, always on the sea and close living with foreign guests - this is not everyone's cup of tea. It is all the more important that the skipper understands how to deal with people properly and, in addition to being alert, is able to let his guard down. 

Not every yacht charter skipper is a good teacher for skipper training and vice versa. That's why you should actually take your time when choosing and if necessary get professional help, or at least good advice. 

How to learn from a skipper?

If the yacht charter vacation should not only be a vacation, but you actually want to learn sailing, or how to steer a yacht, then this is the perfect opportunity. By working on deck and following the instructions of the skipper, there is even the possibility to learn the practice within a few days. At least for a classic family cruise one would be well equipped. With regard to the upcoming exam preparation, this way offers a great opportunity. Usually it does not take long after the first trip and the guests make their boat license out of pure enthusiasm.

We offer different types of skippers, i.e. you can easily book a skipper with us. We should only know your needs in advance, so that we can make a suitable choice. Should it be a pure captain, who steers the ship from A to B and carries the responsibility, or should a skipper training take place, which you determine from the extent and the intensity?  

Book a yacht with skipper

In our yacht search you will find countless sailing yachts, catamarans and motor yachts. You can filter which equipment you prefer or sort the yachts by length, number of cabins and price. Availability also plays a role - that's why booked yachts are shown to you at the very end and marked accordingly. If you would like advice in advance, we will be happy to assist you with our expertise at any time. Once you have found the right ship, you can book it, or you can tell us to organize the skipper. But even better, you choose your personal skipper from our database. We have taken the trouble to offer our guests more service than others. Thus, we have designed our own skipper page, where skippers can apply to us. You as a guest will find there a picture and the contact details of the skipper, so you can get in contact with him before booking. So a first get to know is possible without any problems! 

What should be considered when chartering a yacht with a skipper?

Since there is usually room for two people per cabin, you need a three cabin yacht for e.g. 6 people. However, the skipper also needs his own cabin. You should always keep one more cabin in mind, unless the yacht has a separate skipper's cabin in the bow. Meanwhile, this option is very often available, as the number of guided cruises has also increased considerably. Especially catamarans offer this possibility in many cases. But also new sailing yachts from 4 cabins and 46 feet very often have a small skipper cabin with own toilet. Also, the skipper must always be catered for, i.e. drinks and meals should be provided for the skipper. 

Find your personal favorite skipper! 

So nothing stands in the way of a yacht charter vacation

In a nutshell, this means that you choose a yacht or contact us in advance and together we will find the perfect charter yacht for you. If you don't have a license, or if you want to learn from a professional, we will book the skipper and then you can start your yacht charter! We would be very happy to welcome you as a charter guest and maybe it will work out with your own driving license in the so-called bareboat charter. 

Many greetings

Your team from Zacherl Charter

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