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You would like to rent a yacht? You are looking for a unique vacation experience, want to feel the freedom and start your vacation day completely unconstrained? Then discover indescribably beautiful bays and idyllic fishing villages that you would not normally visit by car. Most water sports enthusiasts can't let go of this vacation option for the rest of their lives. Also, enjoy the variety of a yachting vacation every year and to the fullest!

If you don't really know how to rent a yacht, what to look out for, or how a yacht vacation works, then you've come to the right place. We will gladly take you by the hand! Accompany you from the inquiry, to the choice of the right boat, to the right charter destination. In the following a small guide:


Basically there are three models available on a large scale and as a charter yacht. Here you should know what your heart beats for. Is it a sailing yacht, with which you sail extremely economically and comfortably into the sunset? Or rather a powerful motor yacht? Or a catamaran with which you glide over the waves? To give you a first overview, we will simply present the basic models just mentioned.

Sailing yacht for rent:

A sailing yacht consists of a hull and absolutely convinces with its economy and an attractive price-performance ratio. By and large, there are sailing yachts with one to 6 cabins in the charter segment. Most often booked are the 3-4 cabin yachts on which you can accommodate six to eight people. Accordingly, a yacht vacation is perfect for a great family vacation with friends, or relatives. Depending on your wishes, you will find with us a lovingly selected range of different models with all possible equipment. Curious? Click here to go to the yacht search.

Catamaran for rent:

A catamaran offers you indescribable space and living space to chill out due to its two runners and its width. Mostly the cabins are in the bow and in the stern, so most catamarans have between three and six cabins. In addition, catamarans have two engines, which makes it easier to maneuver in tight spaces. However, due to their width, catamarans require two berths. Thus, the ports and marinas usually charge you two berths for one night. Nevertheless - with this variant you will experience a dream vacation with the most space. By the way, there are also catamarans without sails. So-called power catamarans combine space and speed and are becoming more and more popular. Click here to search for a yacht!

Rent a motoryacht:

Most motor yacht fans would never charter a sailing yacht. And the other way around as well. We think both variants have their advantages. With a motor yacht you need much more fuel, but you glide majestically over the sea. Above all, you reach your destinations faster! The space available depends on the budget and most motor yachts have 2-4 cabins in the charter segment. Above that you can find larger models in the so-called luxury segment with more cabins and even more advantages for a considerable surcharge, of course, but the additional costs also increase. If you are an enthusiastic motor yacht fan, you will find our yachts here!


You need a valid boat license and a radio license worldwide to rent a yacht. Depending on which license you have, it has to be checked individually if this license is valid in your charter destination. Basically German and Austrian licenses are internationally valid, but some countries and charter companies require additional qualifications. Contact us and we will check for you if you are well covered with your license. For all those who do not have a skipper license, we offer highly trained professional skippers who will take you and your loved ones safely and professionally to your dream destination.


The price varies depending on the location of the boat, the size and type, or even the equipment and year of construction. However, the main difference lies in the travel season. Thus, prices in the off-season are often 60% cheaper than during the peak travel season. On average you need for a 3-cabin yacht during the main season approx. 2.500,- EUR p. week. In addition to this basic price there are harbor dues, fuel costs, tourist tax and of course the catering. In sum and by all fellow travelers divided, however, an attractive travel price results and you experience an unforgettable vacation of the extra class.

Find your dreamyacht!

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