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Motoyacht charter - a powerful experience

Are you planning your vacation? Motoyacht charter would interest you? Have you already thought about it? We think - motor yacht charter is a dreamlike experience! Find, in our offer a lot of motor yachts, catamarans and sailboats and explore idyllic villages and dreamlike bays. Sounds good?

In Croatia you will find a very varied coastline and countless islands. Maybe even the most interesting and varied coasts worldwide. You can find quiet islands and also some with tourist flair, with small stores, old alleys and delicious restaurants.

Croatia has a wide variety of landscapes and cultural attractions to offer in a relatively compact area. The Kornati Islands, the Krka waterfalls and the historical buildings, such as in Dubrovnik, are the most exciting for vacationers. But also the sea is crystal clear and in the summer months about 24-30°C warm.


You will find in Croatia about 4.900 km coastline and more than 1.000 islands with ancient buildings as well as pure nature. Due to the great climate Croatia is a fantastic vacation destination for motor yacht fans.

The best time for a motor yacht charter are the months April to October. There are very pleasant temperatures. These are between 19 and 32 degrees. Rarely it gets colder than 15°C. Especially in spring from March to the end of May it can be a bit windy, so many sailors rent a sailboat especially in this time. From June on it gets calmer and therefore you benefit from best conditions for a relaxed charter vacation.

Mainly there are the 3 wind types Maestral, Jugo and Bora. The maestral moves along with the sun and actually always brings nice weather. During the day a fresher breeze blows, but you can use it because of the sunshine. In the evening it becomes extremely calm and windless. The south wind called Jugo, on the other hand, is warm but also brings worse weather. In addition, the wave formation of Jugo should not be underestimated. Therefore, you should look for a quiet place and wait a bit, depending on the strength. And now for the bora. This kind of fall wind comes from the mountains and gets weaker and weaker the more you move away from the mainland. It often churns up the sea.



Croatia has become one of the most popular yachting destinations in the world. On the one hand this is of course due to the good infrastructure and accessibility, but the area absolutely scores with its diversity! For example, you can start in Istria and explore the islands of Cres, Rab and Krk, with their historic towns and buildings. Or you can head north with your motor yacht to Slovenia and Italy. No matter where, you'll find attractive eateries serving local cuisine, and you might even encounter a few dolphins along the way.

Many vacationers swear by Central Dalmatia - you could say from Zadar to Trogir. This starting point gives you absolute flexibility. You can explore the north, or the south, or just enjoy the Kornati islands. The island of Hvar, for example, is known as a fair weather island. In the summer months it should almost never rain there and there are a lot of wine-growing areas. Party lovers will also get their money's worth there!



If you charter a motor yacht in Croatia, you are on the safe side. On the one hand, the arrival and departure, as mentioned at the beginning, works very well. On the other hand, Croatia has been able to learn a lot in the last 30 years and has invested a lot in the infrastructure for water sports. Because of this, you will find a lot of marinas, harbors and buoy fields in Croatia to be able to moor safely. A good network of gas stations and water supply ensure a stress-free vacation, as well as the many service points. Since many vacationers come back year after year and there are more and more, Croatia also has a huge charter fleet. Especially the charter business is gaining more and more popularity!

Motor yacht charter - a dreamlike experience!

Would you like to spend your next vacation with us? Then we are at your disposal! In our yacht search you will find all motor yachts in real time availability!


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