Hanse 460



The Hanse 460 could become a new success story. The shipyard changed the designer and the result is absolutely impressive. Mr. Berret-Racoupeau combined sportiness with noble elegance. The space in the cockpit and inside the boat is also well thought out.

This modern sailing yacht will definitely fit very well in the charter market. The currently available yachts are already well booked and inspire despite higher charter prices. The new Hanse offers 6-10 berths, has a very spacious owner's cabin and stylish wet rooms.

The way to the Yacht of the year 2022 was certainly not easy, as the Dufour 470 is very similar in concept. In the end, however, the Hanse was able to impress the jury a little more.

With over 200 Hanse 460s currently sold, the shipyard should now be writing success stories. Whereby the current production capacity will certainly push one or the other buyer to currently available ships. But this situation will also ease once the global market has stabilized somewhat.

The radically modern design and the new hull offer a sensational space experience. The customer can choose between 48 different layout variants.


Who would like, can still book the new Platzhirsch! There are currently a total of 6 yachts available in Croatia. With air-conditioning, generator and other extras the Hanse 460 creates a new luxury segment in the charter market.

In addition to the yacht charter we offer the Hanse of course also as a yachtinvest.

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