Maybe you already know the new trend, or you are specifically interested in the new Highlite in water sports. A fliteboard is a surfboard on a so-called wing with electric drive. You glide with it most economically over the water and enjoy the noiseless locomotion. Only a quiet hum and the water noises are to be heard - simply dreamlike! And since we are a service-oriented yacht charter agency and want to offer our customers the maximum fun, we have entered into a partnership with eFoil Riders. Our partner offers an all around carefree package of consulting, training, rental, sales and repair service. And all that at 11 locations by now!


As a premium reseller, eFoil Riders operates in Berlin, Frankfurt a. M., Mainz, Stuttgart, Mannheim, Ulm, Ingolstadt, Regensburg, Kassel and Höxter. New is the location in the beautiful Lofoten in Norway! This means that you can test drive and get advice at a wide variety of locations, and the supply of spare parts is also very well organized. So the service is available all over the country!

About the eFoil

With the eFoil you fly over the water - others compare it with a snowboard with which you glide through the powder snow. You enjoy an indescribable feeling of freedom to ride anywhere and anytime - regardless of wind and waves, on the lake, on the sea or on the river! Moreover, it is quite fast, very quiet and absolutely emission-free. Every little detail has been designed for maximum performance, economy, durability and fun. With various components that could be replaced at any time, it is easy to customize and transport, prepare for use in no time and adapt to your own riding style. An unforgettable experience! You learn it relatively fast and for advanced riders there are almost unlimited possibilities!

Up to 45 km/h
Up to 30 km range
90 minutes battery life (230V)
Noiseless electric motor
Completely emission-free drive
Glides without tail shaft
Controllable via the Flite - Controller
flite components

Brushless electric motor: Quiet electric motor generates enough power to glide up to 45 km/h.

G-Force Transmission: Precision engineered in Germany specifically for Fliteboard's unique requirements.

Newton-Rader Propeller: Designed for maximum propulsive power and efficiency with different airfoils, weight classes and speeds.

Wings: Interchangeable airfoils allow you to easily make adjustments to suit your riding style. Made of high-density impregnated carbon fiber for maximum toughness and stability.

Purposeful Design: Every detail of the Fliteboard is designed for maximum performance, durability, esthetics and 100% fun riding.

America's Cup Inspired: Fliteboard was developed using sophisticated parametric models and digital wind tunnel technology, and accordingly glides through the water completely instinctively.

High-quality materials: Carbon fiber, Innegra, aerospace aluminum, premium wood laminates and composites.

One-piece fuselage: The world's first one-piece powered hydrofoil fuselage achieves greater efficiency through optimized hydrodynamics.

Flite Controller: The Flite Controller is a specially designed waterproof handheld remote control that provides intuitive control for the operator.

Acceleration control: 1,000 steps Magnetic actuator (Hall sensor) for precise acceleration control.

GPS + Bluetooth: Bluetooth connectivity with integrated GPS, accelerometer and data logging.

Cruise control: Sophisticated algorithms provide start-up assistance, cruise control and auto shut-off function (patented).

Buy Fliteboard eFoil

If you want to buy a Fliteboard / eFoil, then contact us and we offer you the optimal purchase advice at many locations! Together we can put together your personal configuration, we go into the various options and create your board so that it fits you perfectly. The best thing is, you can test drive it directly. The price for the test drive will be deducted from the purchase price.

Rent the Fliteboard eFoil

Of course you can also rent the fliteboard. Every ride starts with a personal training lesson, so you can find out what you have to pay attention to. eFoil Riders will get you and your friends flying in no time...

Questions about use

1. is the fliteboard allowed on rivers?

Yes - it may be used outside of jet skiing areas. The Fliteboard is classified as a small vehicle and not as a water motorcycle.

2. is there a marking obligation?

There is a marking obligation on federal waterways. The license plate is applied to the board in 10 cm letters. Our partner will be happy to assist you in obtaining a license plate.

3. do i need a pleasure boat license?

The Fliteboard has 5 hp. A sport boat driver's license is required only from over 15 hp. The only exception is the Rhine. There you need a sport boat license for the Fliteboard.

Is the Fliteboard allowed on the North Sea and the Baltic Sea?

Yes, the Fliteboard is not required to be marked there.

5. is the eFoil allowed on lakes?

This varies and should be inquired in each case.

6. is there an insurance for the Fliteboard?

Yes, again there is a partner insurance.

You can rent the fliteboard from us and take it with you on your yachting vacation! Or you can simply try it out at a location near you.

If you are interested, please contact us at any time! By the way, you will also find many catamarans, motor and sailing yachts in real time availability!

A yacht vacation can be so beautiful! Get inspired!

How to reach us:

Zacherl Charter

Tel.: +49 8067 180 828

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