Coronatest by video - we have the simple solution!



We at Zacherl Charter would like to make your vacation and also your return home as easy as possible. Therefore, we have gained a new partner for the current occasion, which allows you the entry in the simplest way. Basically the 3G rule applies for the return from 01.08.2021, i.e. vaccinated, recovered, coronatest.

If you or your children over the age of 12 have not yet been vaccinated, we offer you the possibility of a Coronatest via video through our partner Thus you save the way to the test street and receive your test result comfortably within 90 min. by email.




Flexible and comfortable testing!
Test yourself easily at any place and completely independent from test centers via video test. The result, which is available within 90 minutes at test times, together with an ID card allows you to enter restaurants, cultural events, but also border crossings within the EU are child's play.

p>Order your personal Coronatest online
Select the number of tests and order online. It is best to take one test per person for the return journey. Teskit and video code are included in the delivery.

A cell phone with camera, a tablet, or a laptop is sufficient.
Of course, you also need a stable Internet connection, but this is no longer a problem.

A step by step guide leads you through the test
Within 20 min you can perform your test, whereby you personally only need to be in the picture for a few minutes. The rest of the time is needed by the test, or the examiner on the other end of the line, to wait for the result. See how easy it is to do in the video tutorial.


Corona - Test on entry - within 90 min. to the result!


The recorded video or test will be reviewed by a medical team under medical supervision. Please inform yourself in advance about the test times

This is important so that you can plan your vacation trip or return trip accordingly.

  • According to the manufacturer also effective for known virus mutations
    You will receive your test result in only 90 minutes
    With the purchase of the test, you also get access to free testing via app.

You can order the test online! 

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