Checked & trusted

Checked & trusted

Dear charter guests,

we are very happy about the checked & trusted quality seal and are mighty proud to have received it. In order to be able to provide you with this additional service and also the security associated with it, it requires a complete screening of our company. Both the quality and the liquidity are examined.


Only good companies, which annually submit their balance sheet figures for examination, have this quality seal checked & trusted and are allowed to advertise with it.
Good figures are a prerequisite for good service - and your security. 
But only if business conduct and service are right, the companies receive this label.
This label is only valid for one year. Therefore, pay attention to the validity date.
Charter cancellation insurance PLUS - exclusively for checked & trusted company

To offer you even more security in addition to the charter cancellation insurance, you can take out the "PLUS" variant. This service is exclusively reserved for companies with the quality seal checked & trusted. With this insurance you are even covered against a bankruptcy of the charter company.


In addition, pay attention to the charter conditions. Be careful what you sign! 

The small print of some charter companies can have "clauses with fatal consequences", writes the YACHT or "poisonous clauses" means BOOTE. The correct evaluation of the small print is (too) tedious. To protect you from fatal consequences, our partner Yacht-Pool developed the "International YACHT-POOL Terms & Conditions".

(free of charge in all charter-relevant languages). Fair companies have these conditions. Smart skippers want them.

Look for fair small print on your next charter.

Book your dream yacht now! We have over 600 catamarans, motor yachts and sailing yachts in our program for you. All selected with attention to detail and to the best of our knowledge and belief. In order to guarantee you the necessary quality of our charter partners, we work exclusively with selected bases. Quite in contrast to all online platforms!

Our motto is based on checked & trusted


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