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Charter a boat & enjoy

Are you looking for a boat and would like to charter one? However, you lack the overview, or the necessary recommendations? Then you are exactly right with us! In contrast to many online platforms, we prefer personal contact. That's why we love to be there for our customers before, during and after the booking!

In order to charter a boat properly, you should consider a few things, which we would like to explain to you in the following small guide:


Before starting the charter:

Who is the partner I trust and where can I find not only an attractive but also honest offer? For us as an agency, it would be mega easy to offer you tens of thousands of boats worldwide. But only a small part of them meets our requirements. The art is to choose the right partners - bases with high quality and safe yachts. Of course, prices also play a decisive role, but it is even more important that we offer you quality and service. And all that at fair prices! Because only then, the vacation becomes also the most beautiful time in the year!

Think about how you want to arrive, is there possibly a shuttle transfer from the airport to the base, do I have a contact person on site, etc.! In the following a small checklist:

Transfer available? (If needed)
Parking spaces available? How much do they cost?
When can I take over the ship?
Can I pay by card, in EUR or only in local currency?
Are all additional services listed?
What equipment & accessories are important to me?
Are towels and bed linen on board?
Do you have the necessary licenses?
Arrival at the base

Do I have a contact person and where is the office?
Is there a supermarket?
Where is the nearest gas station? The boats must be returned with a full tank of gas
When can I check in?
What is the weather forecast for the next 3 days?
Which route do I plan?
What do I have to consider when I charter a boat?

The briefing by the local team should be thorough
No takeovers in the dark - illuminate if necessary
What damage is already present?
Walk inside and outside and inspect carefully
What equipment will I be given?
Where are the life jackets and signaling devices?
Is the refrigerator running and pre-chilled?
How does the navigation work?
Check lighting
Fill water tanks
Check fuel level
Check the function of the sails
Where are the fire extinguishers?
Involve crew and explain the charter boat

As always, someone has the hat on. When chartering a boat, this is usually the skipper. But to enjoy a safe and complication-free vacation, most crew members should know a lot of things, too. Take your crew with you and brief them on certain issues. Something unforeseen can happen at any time, stress and panic can break out - and exactly then, the handles should sit. Therefore, distribute the tasks to your crew and repeat again the location of the rescue equipment and its operation. A simulated "man overboard maneuver", MOB for short, is also fun and shows whether your crew is functioning properly.


In order to familiarize you with the most important points, we offer skipper training all year round. Thereby the above mentioned points and of course much more will be covered. Our goal is to make your vacation a dream vacation.


Then contact us! With us you will find over 600 yachts worldwide at 27 locations in Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Slovenia, the Caribbean, the Netherlands and Montenegro. All these bases have been selected with attention to detail and according to strict quality standards. Thus we guarantee you a flawless yacht with the latest standards and a competent team behind it!

If we have aroused your interest and you would like to charter a boat, we would be very happy to receive your personal call! Find here all boats!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Many greetings

Your team from Zacherl Charter

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