Bavaria Cruiser 46 Style - Cataleya

Bavaria Cruiser 46 Style - Cataleya

Today would like to introduce you to our new addition. The sailing yacht Bavaria Cruiser 46 Style - Cataleya will be put into service in Marina Kornati, HR-Biograd na moru in 2024. The sailing yacht is special because it can supply all 230V consumers on board without a generator. The trend - as the countless charter inquiries show - is clearly towards more comfort on board. Innovative energy concepts, coupled with luxury equipment such as air conditioning, dishwashers and trendy living options are at the top of customer wishes!

We have combined your wishes regarding comfort and functionality with the latest technology!

Bavaria Cruiser 46 Style Cataleya

What makes the Bavaria Cruiser 46 Style so special?


Basically, the hull has been in service for several years. There have been repeated upgrades and facelifts, but the layout hasn't changed much. Luckily for the owners and charter guests. The Bavaria Cruiser 46 Style is particularly characterized by the following features:


  • 4 cabins with enough space on a 14m class sailing yacht
  • A spacious salon with lots of storage space in the cupboards and in the floor
  • 3 spacious toilets or wet cells
  • 1 separate shower, so the entire bathroom doesn't get wet when showering
  • Probably the largest bathing platform in the yacht class


It is not for nothing that she is still one of the most popular charter ships today and continues to sell very well. For customers who want a 3-cabin yacht instead of a 4-cabin yacht, but do not want to miss out on the enormous amount of space, there is the option of removing the middle partition - the so-called flex bulkhead. In the bow cabin you can reach a large owner's bed with a width of approx. 2.80 m.

Bavaria Cruiser 46 Style Biograd

How does the Cataleya sailing yacht stand out?

On the one hand, the yacht was configured as a style package. In addition to the indirect lighting option and the fabric-covered bulkhead, this also includes an isothermal refrigerator. This has 2 drawers with a fridge and freezer compartment. There is also the option of choosing either a large storage compartment, a special wine refrigerator, or a dishwasher. This is the second time we have decided to use the dishwasher. There is also a Nespresso coffee machine installed on the Cataleya, so caffeine lovers can also get their money's worth.

In the cockpit you will find the tried and tested teak and all seats have upholstery. In addition, the very popular wood color “limed oak” was chosen for the interior of the yacht, which makes the yacht appear much more modern and friendly. Two out of three toilets are electrically operated and a total of 360 liters of hot water is available to you. So that the Cataleya also looks good at night, 2 underwater spotlights were installed.

The power supply on board the Cataleya

A special and not yet widespread concept was used here. The yacht has a powerful inverter from Victron and solar modules with twice the output of normal solar systems on yachts. A lithium package is also installed, which supports the standard batteries in terms of capacity and, above all, current strength. This ensures that even high peak loads are managed without compromise. As a result, you no longer need a disruptive generator to operate 230V devices. The dishwasher, air conditioning and coffee machine are operated easily and conveniently using an inverter. By the way, a hairdryer or straightener can also be connected to the 230V sockets.

Yachtcharter Biograd.jpg

The Cataleya is located in Biograd

The Zadar region is probably the most popular area for sailors and motor yacht drivers. Every year countless customers admire the spacious island world around them and it is not for nothing that the largest charter fleet in the world is located between Zadar and Sibenik. There are countless sights, great restaurants and of course the Kornati National Park. You can read more about the Zadar area here.

Book Bavaria Cruiser 46 Style - Cataleya

If you would like to try the innovative concept, please contact our team. We would also be happy to create a route suggestion for you and give you ideas and tips for a successful sailing trip in the heart of Dalmatia. Of course, other yachts are also available, but sailing yachts with this unique comfort and energy concept are not yet widely available!

We look forward to your inquiry!

Your Zacherl Yachtcharter team

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