Bavaria C42

The new Bavaria C42

the big sister of the BAVARIA C38.

The two yachts are similar in many respects - only the dimensions are even more generously designed at 42 feet. More volume for even more comfort.

What started with the C45 could now finally be realized in the 3 cabin version. Fabulous sailing characteristics and modern design result in elegance all along the line. Again equipped with V-bow and chines, the crew on board of the BAVARIA C42 gains significantly more space than in conventional sailing yachts, whose hull in the past was more rounded, or bulbous. With a length of 12.38 meters, the Bavaria C42 is probably one of the best-booked sailboat variants on the charter market.



An unprecedented dimension of volume

In terms of the size of the yacht, you will find a terrific amount of space on the foredeck and also on the side decks. On deck, BAVARIA now also offers berth cushions to make owners and charter guests even more comfortable. One can choose classically between a very spacious 2 cabin version, but the 3 cabin version is more attractive in charter. With huge beds and 2 bathrooms you start into an almost luxurious charter vacation. Who can get hold of the bow cabin here - enjoys a huge king size bed with the dimensions of 1.80 x 2.00 meters. Wow! Lockers and various storage options in the side walls, but also in the floor are just as natural as the USB charging sockets and LED lighting.



More volume and even better sailing characteristics

As mentioned at the beginning, the chines and the V bow are the basis for the enormous volume. You would think you were on a 46 foot yacht. Especially the wide stern offers a lot of space and you don't get in each other's way while sailing as well as chilling out. The BAVARIA C42 scores on top with its sailing characteristics. Due to the relatively long waterline, the sailboat steers like on rails. We were able to test it ourselves and were thrilled. We were positively surprised not only by the speed, but also by the fact that the boat does not tilt any further after a certain heel. It doesn't matter if the wind picks up another 5 knots in the same direction. Really fascinating what BAVARIA YACHTBAU has achieved here.


BAVARIA C42 convinces not only us!

You will find this model already more than fifteen times in our portfolio. The yachts from 2020 to 2022 are as good as fully booked and meanwhile form the spearhead in the booking overview. Each one has been equipped with solar panels, so that even when sailing abundantly, the necessary energy is always available.

Click here for the link - with all pictures and a full description. If you are looking for a direct comparison to the BAVARIA C38, you can get more information here!



By the way, you can also make the BAVARIA C42 your personal charter ship. Become a carefree yacht owner and put your ship into charter. How this works exactly you can find out here!


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