Yacht charter Ionian Sea from Paleros


An interesting place to rent a sailboat and discover Greece's west is Paleros. The journey can be made by plane to Preveza. From May to October charter companies offer flights from various German cities and from Vienna. From the airport Paleros is only 20 minutes away by car. Arrival by car is possible by ferry to Igoumenitsa, which is located 100 kilometers north of the marina. The ships depart from Venice, Ancona, Brindisi and Bari.


The place, also called Palairos, existed in ancient times. The ruins of the ancient city lie a few kilometers to the north and are worth a visit. Not far away is the lake Voulkaria, which used to be part of a lagoon. It is said to have once given refuge to Cleopatra after a lost naval battle. From the east rises the Acarnanian Mountains, which offer beautiful views and hikes. Off the coast are the island of Lefkas and the Tilevoides archipelago. The small town and the surrounding area are rich in historical and religious monuments. However, a main reason to visit Paleros is to rent a yacht and visit Greece's western islands.


The sailing area of Paleros


There are many reasons to rent a yacht and visit Ionian Islands. The area is popular with families because the steady winds from northwesterly directions do not pose too many challenges to sailors. Mostly the Maestro blows from noon with force three to four. By sunset, it dies down again until there is almost no wind at night. The risk of storms is less than one percent during the season.


Peak season is between June and September, with May also offering mostly stable weather. However, then the sea is quite cool. In October it is pleasantly warm, but the winds increase noticeably and there are more frequent rainy days. Families appreciate the fact that the distances are short. The tidal range is low and the current also plays a minor role. The coast is protected by the island of Lefkas and the 15 to the Tilevoides islands.


Rent a catamaran and discover Greece's western islands


By a yacht charter in the Ionian Sea from Paleros you have more than a dozen islands in sight. In the south and in front of the island of Lefkas are the Tilevoides. The chain of islands is interesting for nature lovers, because here is one of the last retreats of the Mediterranean monk seal. Only the three largest islands, Meganisi, Kalamos and Kastos are inhabited. Significant tourism has developed on Meganisi. The island is worth visiting for its bizarre underwater formations, which can be discovered by snorkeling. Around the island there are numerous anchorages in beautiful bays. The winds, which do not come from the northwest because of the protective mountains on Lefkas, can become a challenge and change quickly. Worth seeing is the Papanikolis cave at the southern tongue of the island.


East of Meganisi is Kalamos, which has not yet been developed for tourism. The marina is located in the south of the island and offers good services. In the village there is a grocery store and a bakery. To the south is the long Agrapidia Beach with a taverna and two old windmills. Port Leone is a beautiful anchorage. The village was abandoned after an earthquake in 1953. The buildings, including an old olive press can be visited. There is a beautiful pebble beach on the coast. Kastos is located south of Kalamos. Hardly any tourists stray to the island, but it is becoming more popular with sailors. The harbor is on the east side, and there are also idyllic bays with beautiful beaches.

Rent a sailing yacht and discover Lefkas


Far bigger than the islands of the Tilevoides is Lefkas. The island belongs to the seven large Ionian islands. Nydri is located opposite Paleros and could be the first port of call if you rent a yacht in the Ionian Sea. The coast offers idyllic bays where you can swim and snorkel in crystal clear waters. The area gets its beauty from the offshore islands and peninsula of Geni, at the northern tip of which the chapel of Agia Kyriaki is worth a visit.


If you want to rent a boat in Paleros and discover Ionian islands, a stay in Nydri makes sense. The place is popular with tourists and offers a good infrastructure. Stores have everything on offer that you need for your sailing vacation. Stay in taverns and restaurants and enjoy the flair of the seaside resort. A few kilometers inland is the Dimosari waterfall, which is worth a hike. To the north is Lefkas Town, whose historic center invites you to stroll. If you rent a sailing yacht and want to reach Corfu, you can buy provisions here again.


The alternative is to sail around the island of Lefkas. Before setting sail, you should visit the beach Paralia Agios Ioannis with its windmills west of the island's capital. Not far away is the mountain monastery of Faneromeni, whose rooms are magnificently furnished. Moreover, this place grants a fantastic view of the sea and Lefkas town. The west coast impresses with fantastic beaches, of which Porto Katsiki is considered the most beautiful. In the south, the bay of Vasiliki is worth a stop.


The southern islands of the Ionian Sea


Paleros is an ideal place to rent a sailing yacht and discover Greece's southern part of the west coast. Besides the route through the passage between Lefkas and Meganisi, there is the route between Meganisi as well as Kalamos. The first of the three major islands to come into view is Ithaca. It is considered the home of Odysseus. Very beautiful is the bay of Kioni with the three former windmills, which stand at the southern entrance. Ormos Vathy is the main port and offers the possibility to take provisions on board.


A few nautical miles to the east is the largest island in the Ionian Sea, Kefalonia. An interesting port is Sami on the east coast of the island. In half an hour's walk you can reach the Drogarati Cave, which is worth seeing. Also worth visiting is Melissani Cave, a sea cave where boat rides are offered. South of Kefalonia is Zakynthos, whose southern beaches are breeding grounds for the rare loggerhead turtle. Boats are allowed to anchor between March and October only in the area of Keri Beach, which is located in the southwest of the island. To the northwest is Navagio Beach, known as Shipwreck Bay. Paleros is an ideal place to rent a catamaran in Greece.

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