The Croatian patent is the ideal basis for getting started in water sports. With it you can quickly obtain the license to drive a sailing yacht, a catamaran or a motor yacht. The radio certificate, which is a prerequisite for charter operation and required by law, you will receive together with your driver's license. With the license you can steer a yacht up to 24 meters.

However, the Croatian patent does not have the best reputation. Well - where does this assumption come from? Usually, the Croatian patent is completed within 1-2 days at the local port authority. There is no practical training. For locals, this model may well work, as they are taught the practice from an early age and have a completely different feel for it. But for landlubbers like us, a pure theory course with exam over 2 half days would not be the ideal requirement to steer a yacht.


So that you don't just take a 30-minute exam and start into the Croatian island world without any previous knowledge, we offer you the Croatian patent including practical training and instruction on the yacht. You will learn all course contents from professional instructors and also the skipper training is included. The training yacht is a sailing yacht, which is probably the most difficult type of yacht to maneuver. A sailing yacht provides a relatively large surface area to attack and usually only reacts when the keel or rudder is hit by the current. Although this characteristic applies to all stationary vessels, motor yachts and catamarans have two engines, which means that you can always steer a little.

All training takes place on modern sailing yachts like the ones we charter for summer vacations.


The following program awaits you:

  • Navigation with chart and chart plotter
  • Navigation rules
  • Different sailing maneuvers
  • Correct anchoring
  • Laying up or down sideways and backwards
  • Man overboard maneuvers
  • Radio training on modern radios
  • Meteorology
  • Tips and recommendations for the training area

Each day of the training week consists of a theory unit and a practical part in the afternoon. During the week you will learn all the content required for the exam on the weekend, but with the absolutely necessary practical training you need for a successful yacht charter trip!

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