Biograd by the Kornati islands

Biograd na moru is one of the most popular destinations in the whole Adriatic Sea. Yacht charter Biograd speaks for flexibility, pleasant climate and absolute variety and flexibility in terms of your yacht charter. From Biograd you can plan your yacht charter to the north, to the south or to the Kornati islands. Our guests often use this advantage to their advantage. Also good are the connections and the accessibility by car or plane. For example, if you cross the Austrian border, it takes only one hour longer to get to Biograd than to Pula or Krk.

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Biograd is worth a trip

Biograd na Moru, is the official name of the location and one of the most important parts of our yacht charter offer. Yacht charter Biograd convinces however also because of its nice town in the center of the Adriatic coast in Northern Dalmatia. Biograd and its surroundings are particularly impressive because of beautiful beaches, picturesque bays, idyllic coastal landscapes, wonderful sights and local and international konobas.

Yacht charter Biograd - pure variety

All these advantages and the central location in the middle of the nature reserves and the cities of Zadar, Split, Sibenik and Primosten make it a perfect starting point for your yacht charter Biograd trip. The marina Kornati in Biograd is as good as in the old part of town, whose beautiful promenade with cosy konobas and cafes as well as various shopping facilities scores points.

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Yacht charter Biograd - culinary delights

In the marina there is a guarded parking lot (approx. 8,- EUR/day) and the way to the dock is not far. Moreover, and in order to facilitate the transport of your goods, there are many trolleys waiting for you at the dock. As mentioned, you will find a few stores and bakeries, a drugstore and a lot of restaurants in the immediate vicinity. Highly recommended are:

Konoba Barba (national, fish & meat, peka on advance order).
Casa Vecchia (pizzeria - wood oven)
Kaciol (national - but very tasty and a bit more exclusive)
A little insider tip

Very recommendable for the hunger in between is a small bakery, opposite the bus station. But not the one directly at the bus station, but in the street "Trg hrvatskih velikana", in front of which there is a small staircase. Apple & curd strudel, burek and sweet pastries are highly recommended and inexplicably many times cheaper than at home.

As the yacht charter Biograd will most likely end up with a refueling stop, there will be a gas station as well. However, we recommend to refuel either on Friday mornings or evenings, or very early on Saturdays, otherwise long waiting times are to be expected.

Yacht charter Biograd - Surrounding cities

Yacht charter Biograd - Find your perfect boat! 

Zadar has a beautiful old town and a lot of stores and cafes and is located in the center of Dalmatia. During your vacation you should definitely have seen the sunset. You can also find a castle gate and a moat that separates the city from the new part. But also modern shopping centers can be found. Furthermore yacht charter Biograd impresses with its beautiful cities Primosten, Skradin and the Kornati archipelago. Zadar is located in Central Dalmatia and is surrounded by 2 nature parks and fabulous 5 national parks.

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