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Kastela is a small town in central Dalmatia, located between Trogir and Split. It has a marina open all year round, located in a beautiful bay. A yacht charter from Kastela is worthwhile to discover the charming islands off the coast. A bit further away, but no less interesting are the island groups Elaphites in the southeast and Kornati in the west. When renting a catamaran in Kastela, you should also plan some time for the town.

It was settled in the Middle Ages, when 13 forts were built here to defend the coast from the Turks. Seven of these fortifications still exist today and are worth a visit. Furthermore, the historical city centers of Trogir and Split are part of the visit program.

Getting there to discover Dalmatia under sail is easy. Split airport is only a few kilometers away. The marina can be reached by bus or cab. Alternatively, you can take the car. The fast route is via the A1 highway between Zagreb and Dubrovnik. From the exit Prgomet the road leads to the coast to Divulje, where the airport is located. In the next village in the direction of Split is the marina for yacht charter in Kastela. Parking is available on the premises. Another alternative for the journey to the yacht charter in Kastela is the scenic Adriatic Highway. However, for it a lot of time must be planned.

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Sailing in Dalmatia

The marina is located in a beautiful bay. It is protected from waves by the island of Ciovo to the west and by the peninsula of Marjan, which belongs to Split. Yacht charter in Kastela offers a wonderful view of the island world after sailing through the exit. The marina offers a wide range of services, including clean sanitary facilities. On site there is a restaurant and an indoor swimming pool. Around the marina there are also beautiful beaches, which fall flat into the sea. In the vicinity, several stores cover nautical needs and sell food.

For sailing in Dalmatia you need a sport boat license sea. For boats with a radio system on board, one crew member must also have a radio certificate. If you do not have these licenses, you do not have to go on a yacht charter in Kastela. So if you would like to book a yacht charter in Kastela then use our skippered yacht charter service.

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Rent a catamaran in Kastela

Within the large bay, when you exit in a southeasterly direction, you will see the Marjan peninsula, where there is a marina. From there it is not far to the old town of Split, which is worth seeing. The city was founded in ancient times. The most important sights are Diocletian's Palace and the Cathedral. Trogir rises to the west of Kastela. Most of the berths are on the western side. For this you sail around the island of Ciovo and then you can visit the historical center. The highlight of the old town, situated on an island, is John Paul II Square with the cathedral, Chipiko Palace and the town loggia. In the alleys there are numerous restaurants and cafes that invite you to rest.

The Maestro is a pleasant fair weather wind that blows from the northwest and provides excellent sailing conditions when renting a yacht from Kastela. More challenging are bora and jugo, which occasionally occur in summer. The bora is a cold down wind from the northeast, whose challenge is its sudden occurrence. The jugo blows from the southeast and carries a lot of rain. It announces itself by slowly increasing in strength. The advantage is that usually there are no gusts.

Yacht rental in Kastela will first take you to a chain of islands that provide a natural shelter from the open sea. The smallest of the three large islands is Drvenik Veli, on the eastern side of which it is worth visiting the Blue Lagoon. To the west is the green islet of Solta, which has picturesque bays with beautiful beaches. To the east, after yacht charter from Kastela, you will reach the island of Brac. On it rises the highest mountain in the Adriatic, Vivoda Gora. It can be climbed from Bol on the south coast and offers a fantastic view at a height of 778 meters. A nice place to anchor is the "Golden Horn", a beautiful sandy beach that juts far into the sea as a headland.


Sailing to Hvar by a sailing yacht

To the south of Brac, Hvar can be reached by sailing. The long island lies to the south and is considered a tourist hotspot of southern Dalmatia. The length of the island is almost 40 nautical miles. A circumnavigation with visiting the most beautiful bays can become a whole cruise. Besides the touristy developed areas, there are numerous places to which no road leads. Thus, beautiful beaches, intense nightlife and tranquility can be ideally combined here when you rent a yacht in Kastela. In the north there are several bays where sailors can enjoy the silence.

In the northeast is the bay of Stari Grad, which cuts far into the island's interior. It is the first bay you will reach if you rent a catamaran from Kastela. The small town existed already in ancient times and has a beautiful old town, in whose alleys it is worth strolling. Worth seeing is the fortress of the poet Peter Hectorovic, which was built in Renaissance style. Another highlight of the yacht charter from Kastela. The plain of Stari Grad takes visitors to an ancient cultural landscape of the Greeks. Like Stari Grad, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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A little further south is Hvar, the island's capital with a historical center worth seeing. It is also worth a visit when sailing in Dalmatia. The Spanish Fortress, which towers over the town, offers a beautiful overview. South of the old town, directly on the water, is a Franciscan monastery, whose idyllic setting conveys tranquility. In it is kept the most valuable painting of the city and there is an old cypress, which is considered a natural monument.

Here in the south you will surely find great yachts, bays and harbors for a nice vacation! Whether Vodice, Kastela, Trogir, Split, or Dubrovnik. There is something for everyone! We are also happy to advise you if you are undecided. We will be happy to give you tips on the right boat and for your personal route.

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