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Primosten and Rogoznica are idyllic towns on the Croatian Adriatic coast, located between Sibenik and Trogir. Both towns are a nice starting point for a cruise to the northern Dalmatian islands of Kornati. Their proximity to Central Dalmatia also lends itself to a southeast course to sail all the way to Dubrovnik.

Those planning a yacht charter in Primosten or in Rogoznica will arrive by plane to Split. From there busses and cabs will take you. By car the scenic Adriatic Highway leads from Rijeka to Split. It is also possible to travel via the Zagreb - Dubrovnik highway. Here it is best to take the exit in Sibenik. The journey continues along the coast to Primosten and then to the yacht charter in Rogoznica.

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Marinas of Primosten and Rogoznica

Marina Kremik is located in a beautiful bay, well protected few kilometers south of the town of Primosten. It is in operation all year round and offers everything necessary for sailing at Primosten, from catering to a mini-market. Before casting off, it is worth climbing to the statue of the Virgin, which displays beautiful mosaics. From here you have a fantastic view of Primosten and the island world, which can be the destination of a cruise.

Marina Frapa is located a few kilometers south of Primosten in the idyllic village of Rogoznica. The marina offers a wide range of gastronomic and recreational facilities, including wellness treatments and a sports center. A special attraction is the Dragon's Cave, where guests can enjoy their meal with a view of the underwater world. On the premises of the marina exist numerous service offers that facilitate the final preparations before sailing from Rogoznica.

The season for sailing on the Adriatic is from April to October, with the most stable weather between June and September. The prevailing wind is the Maestral. The wind blows steadily from the sea during the day and provides excellent conditions for renting a yacht in Primosten. From the south blows the Jugo, also called the sirocco. It can be quite violent and brings many rain clouds. It announces itself for many hours, which makes it easy to look for a sheltering bay in time. The bora is a downdraft wind that blows from the coast. It usually announces itself with thick clouds over the mountains. Usually the bora gives only short intermezzos in summer, but the protection of a safe bay is recommended.


Yacht charter Rogoznica

Both marinas are located in the eastern part of the Sibenik-Knin County and thus in the very east of the North Dalmatia region. Primosten has a pretty old town, through whose alleys a romantic stroll is worthwhile. Especially outside the vacations, visitors can enjoy the tranquility here. The region is considered to have one of the lowest rainfall in Croatia and offers some beautiful beaches. The shallowly sloping Velika Raduca is not only considered the most beautiful beach, but is also suitable for a relaxing family swim. Worth seeing is the church Sv. Juraj, which stands at the highest point of the town and was built as early as 1485. Impressive is the old town gate, which stands at the entrance to the old town, which is situated on a former island. About three kilometers to the south are the vineyards of Primosten, which because of their beauty are considered candidates for the UNESCO World Heritage List.

When chartering a yacht, Rogoznica is not only a strategic place. It is worth spending a few days on the mainland. The old town center is located on an island, which can be reached by a causeway. The alleys are lined with stone houses typical of the region. Restaurants and cafes invite you to linger along the waterfront. A view across the bay leads to the marina opposite, where you can rent a catamaran and visit Sibenik and the Krka National Park. Around the town, numerous beaches provide a relaxing atmosphere for the whole family. Right by the marina is Lake Zamjavo, the dragon's eye lake, around which cliffs rise up to 24 meters.

Worthwhile destinations on the North Dalmatian coast during a yacht charter from Rogoznitsa or Promosten.

Head east to the Kornati National Park as you leave Primosten under sail. The marine protected area includes 89 islands, which entice with beautiful bays for swimming and anchoring. Small restaurants and villages invite you to go ashore. Always there is a magnificent view of the sea. This becomes even more impressive if you take the time to climb one of the hills. If you charter a catamaran and leave Rogoznica in the direction of Kornati, you should not miss these views. On the islands, it is not uncommon to see ruins that testify to the fact that people lived here in ancient and medieval times. Kornati islands are bigger than the national park. About 150 islands belong to it. On Drugi Otok there is the nature park Telašćica, which is worth seeing, with beautiful bays and the original filming location of the movie "Treasure on Silver Lake". For all fans of the Karl May film adaptation, this is a highlight during a yacht charter from Primosten.

But not only Kornati islands are worth visiting if you plan a yacht charter from Rogoznica. Another option is to rent a catamaran and head for Sibenik. The old town is wonderfully preserved and offers the opportunity to stroll through the alleys. Here, visitors can enjoy a café or restaurant and take in the sights. These include the Cathedral of St. James and the Church of St. Barbara. From the fortresses of St. Michael (Sv. Mihovila) and St. John (Sv. Ivana), a magnificent view of the city and the bay opens up.

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Charter a catamaran and make Rogoznica the starting point for an excursion on the Krka River

Chartering a catamaran and targeting Sibenik is worthwhile because of the journey. On a yacht charter from Rogoznica it is worth visiting the island of Zlarin, which has idyllic bays. Very popular with sailors is a large, well-protected bay in the south, framed by pine trees. In the north, the small one offers the opportunity to moor and discover the pretty old town. There are several restaurants and shopping facilities. If you want to go to Sibenik after a yacht charter from Primosten, take the channel Sv. Ante, whose entrance is not far from Zlarin.

It is worthwhile to take a look at the fort Sv. Nikole under sail from Rogoznica before passing through the natural waterway. Right-hand traffic prevails here and large ships must be dodged. The channel offers several bays where it is worth mooring. On the south side, the Morski Tunnel appears in the last third, which was used by the German Wehrmacht during World War II. With a yacht charter from Primosten, you can sail from Sibenik up the Krka River to Skradin. From here excursions to the Krka National Park are possible.

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By the way, we are often asked if you are allowed to steer a sailing yacht with a "normal" boat license and especially many customers are unsure which licenses you need. Basically it is very simple. From the German point of view you need the SBF SEE + SRC (radio license). The radio license is required by law in Croatia and the bases now no longer give out yachts if you do not have a license.

Whether from Primosten, Rogoznica, Murter, Sibenik, Vodice, or all other destinations. You will find your personal dream yacht in our yacht search. A lot of catamarans, sailing yachts and powerboats are at your disposal in Croatia! Make your yacht charter vacation your personal Highlite!

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