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The island of Murter is located off the coast of northern Dalmatia, between Biograd and Sibenik. It is considered the gateway to the Kornati islands, the largest group of islands in Croatia. More than 150 islets are waiting to be discovered during a yacht charter on Murter. But also the coast of the mainland is worth mooring during a cruise. You can reach Murter by car via highway A1 from Zagreb to Split. At the approach Priovac the journey leads to Tisno. The town is connected to the island by a bascule bridge. If you want to charter a motor yacht and reach Murter, you should pay attention to the opening hours of the bridge. Normally, the crossing is interrupted daily between 9 and 9:30 and 17 and 17:30 to allow larger vessels to pass through the narrow strait.

More scenic is the Adriatic Highway, which runs along the coast from Rijeka. For arrival by plane, the airports in Zadar (65 kilometers) and Split (75 kilometers) are available. We can organize a transfer from the airport to the charter base. 


Murter and its marinas

In the northwest lies the small town of Murter, where the marina Hramina is located. It is worth chartering a yacht and making Murter the starting point of a trip to the Kornati National Park. The marina has a good infrastructure, which includes electricity, water, an ATM and stores. Murter is an idyllic resort with wonderful beaches. The most popular is the sandy beach Slanica. Before or after your cruise, take time to visit the nearby ruins of the Roman city of Colentum.

Another small marina is located in the immediate vicinity. Opposite the island on the mainland you will find Marina Pirovac, which also has very nice yachts available. For sailboat rental on Murter Bettina is a nice starting point with a romantic historical center. Worth seeing is the church Sv. Frane, whose tower is the landmark of the harbor village. If you are interested in the history of shipbuilding, you should plan a visit to the shipbuilding museum. Because of the bridge in Tisno, after renting a sailboat on Murter, the ports of Hramina and Betina can only be left in a northerly direction.

Jezera is located on a beautiful bay on the northeastern coast of the island of Murter. The marina has been awarded several times for its excellent standard and offers a comprehensive service when you charter a motor yacht on Murter. The exit from the harbor is in the southwestern direction. In the northern direction, the bridge in Tisno prevents the passage between the mainland and the island. The village of Jezera offers numerous events throughout the year and is a lively resort. The most important sight is the church Gospa od Zdravlja, which houses several valuable wooden altars. Jezera is known for its good fish restaurants.


Sailing from Murter

The weather conditions in summer offer ideal conditions for a yacht charter from Murter. The Maestral blows evenly from the sea throughout the day and ensures that the summer heat remains bearable. The season for yacht charter on Murter ranges from April to October, although the weather in April, May and October is more variable than in the rest of the year.

When chartering a yacht on Murter you will occasionally encounter the bora, which blows as a downdraft from the land. The Jugo coming from the south has besides strong wind also rain in its luggage. Both winds can be predicted well. In the case of the Nevera, this is somewhat different. They arise quite suddenly and can cause severe thunderstorms with storms. It is recommended to follow the weather forecast. This way, if the weather changes, you will be able to find a sheltering bay in time when you rent a catamaran.

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Rent a yacht on Murter and discover the Kornati islands

The island of Murter is considered the gateway to the Kornati Islands, a world of 150 islands. Not all islands are inhabited. Besides rather barren islets, there are also lushly forested ones. What they all have in common is that they have idyllic bays for swimming, snorkeling and diving. During the yacht charter from Murter the route is mostly protected by islands, so that the influences from the open sea hardly play a role. So it is worth chartering a catamaran here even for less experienced sailors and families.

A part of the Kornati islands is included in a national park as a marine protected area. There is a fee to visit the 89 islands. It is cheaper to buy them in advance when renting a yacht on Murter before leaving the port. One of the islands worth visiting is Žut, which is located southwest of the port of departure. If you are heading for the island's marina when chartering a motor yacht from Murter, you should pay attention to the low water depth in the middle of the jetty. On the island it is worth climbing the hill near the marina. The effort is rewarded with a magnificent view. Here you can plan which bay is next when you charter a sailing yacht from Murter.

On the island of Kornat, especially on the southern side, there are bays with anchorages and buoy fields. If you charter a sailing yacht from Murter, you will find numerous good restaurants, mostly offering Mediterranean and maritime cuisine. On Kornat it is worth visiting the fort Tureta. The way to the northwest leads past the lighthouse Sestrice to the island Dugi Otok. The beautiful bays of the Telašćica National Park in the south should not be missed on a yacht charter from Murter.

Rent a catamaran and sail in the eastern direction

For the eastern islands of Kornati it is recommended to rent a yacht and leave Murter from Jezero. To the south there are three islands, Kaprije is the first one. It has hidden bays that encourage swimming in crystal clear water. The only village is in the southwest. Here there are numerous restaurants and a diving center. The island of Kakan is inhabited only in summer and offers two buoy fields. It is worth renting a motor yacht from Murter and enjoying the peace and quiet here. The southernmost island of Kornati is Žirje. On the southeastern side is the bay Vela Stupica, which allows a nice hike to the remains of a Byzantine fortress. From here there is a fantastic view.

Renting a sailboat from Murter is also worthwhile for discovering the mainland. The town of Vodnice has a pretty old town, where numerous restaurants and cafes invite you to linger. If you charter a yacht from Murter, you should visit the remains of the small Roman settlement Velika Mrdakovica. It is located in the east of the town. Another interesting destination for catamaran rental is Šibenik, which you can reach via the impressive canal Sv. Ante. The old town with the Cathedral of St. Jacob is definitely worth a shore excursion. The river Krka has sufficient draught upstream from Šibenik. It is worth renting a sailing yacht and making Murter the starting point for a trip past to Skrepin. Here is the entrance to the National Park Krka.

Northern Dalmatia offers many reasons for a yacht charter from Murter.

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