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Marina Veruda is located south of Pula in a well protected bay. The name comes from the adjacent peninsula Verudela, which belongs to the city area of Pula. The old part of the town, which was already important in ancient times, can be easily reached on foot. A visit during a yacht charter is highly recommended. In addition to the famous amphitheater, sightseeing highlights include several city gates, the castle, the Augustus temple and the cathedral.

A sailing yacht charter from Veruda is a great experience for every member of the sailing crew. The marina is also the starting point for exciting cruises along the coasts of Istria. The peninsula is considered a weak wind area dominated by the Maestral. It blows steadily from the northwest and makes for pleasant sailing when chartering from Istria. One of the most interesting destinations is the island world of the Kvarner Bay, which is easily accessible from Veruda.

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The marina for yacht charter from Veruda

A great advantage of renting a catamaran in Veruda is its proximity to the airport of Pula. The distance is only a few kilometers and can easily be covered by cab. Alternatively the journey can be made by car. From Slovenia, the A9 highway leads directly to Pula. You can reach the marina via a ring road without having to drive through the center of Pula when renting a yacht in Veruda.

The marina is equipped with modern facilities and has been awarded the blue flag. All necessary services are available on the premises to rent a sailing yacht and discover Istria. Those arriving by car will find a parking lot on the premises. Amenities include a restaurant, a pool and a park with a playground for relaxing. The sanitary facilities are organized in a decentralized manner, which simplifies accessibility from the individual berths.

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Island paradise east of Istria - The Kvarner Bay

With a yacht charter at Veruda you will reach the enchanting island world of the Kvarner Bay east of Istria. The largest and most famous islands are Cres and Krk, also Rab is a tourist hotspot. However, when chartering a sailing yacht from Veruda, it is also worthwhile to head for the more southern islands. From the southern tip of the peninsula sailors first reach Unije. It offers good protection from the winds on the Adriatic. Mooring at the pier of the only place is something only for early risers. It has to be cleared early in the morning for the ferry. Alternatively, anchoring south of the pier is worthwhile. The village offers a bakery and two restaurants.

Popular when chartering a catamaran from Veruda is anchoring on the east side, where the Maracol is most popular. To the southwest are the islands of Vele and Male Srakane, near which is the popular diving area "Cathedral". Further south, the only sandy island in the Kvarner Bay stretches out of the sea, Susak. From the bora, the bay Porat, located to the west, offers the best protection. The northeastern bay of the island's capital is only partly recommendable in this wind. Otherwise, it is worth visiting during the yacht charter from Veruda, but care must be taken to avoid siltation in the bay. Worth seeing are the lighthouse and the flora, which is clearly different from the other islands due to the soil.

To the northeast, Losinj can be seen if you rent a yacht and leave Veruda in the direction of Susak. The island offers the possibility to discover many bays. Many of them offer a safe shelter for spending the night. If you wish, you can spend a whole week of pleasant cruising here in connection with the island of Cres. From Susak it is possible to enter the breathtaking Privlaka channel. It has a depth of 2.2 meters and leads directly to Mali Losinj. Due to the tides and winds there can be a strong current, in case of bora the entrance is not possible. In the harbor there is a good fish market, for which it is worth getting up early. From the southern tip the island of Ilovik is less than a nautical mile away on a yacht charter from Veruda. It is separated from the island of Sveti Petar in the north by a channel. A popular anchorage is Parzine, which lies to the south.

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The kornati islands

Sailors who rent a catamaran from Veruda, and have at least two weeks time, will find in the Kornati a paradise of about 150 islands. South of Losinj, the islands of Ist and Molat rise out of the water. Behind them, Dugi Otok offers numerous bays to which navigation is worthwhile. East of the island lies the freighter Michelle, which sank in 1983 and is worth diving to. In the south is the Telascica Nature Park with a hilly bay, beautiful beaches and vineyards. In the bay Ulava Mir is recommended to climb the cliffs to enjoy a fantastic sunset. If you navigate further south after yacht rental from Veruda, you will reach Kornat.

The neighboring island has numerous beautiful bays with restaurants. There are a few more houses in the bay Vruje. Here a climb to the olive trees is recommended. In addition, there are numerous testimonies of earlier settlement to see on the island. The most impressive is Fort Tureja. The ascent is made on a yacht charter from Veruda from the Konoba Andrija, whose cuisine is highly appreciated by sailors.

It is worth chartering a sailing yacht in Veruda and discovering the island world in the south.


Sailing trip from Veruda in Istria

As mentioned, most sailors first head for the islands of Unije, Cres and Mali Losinj. Here you will find countless bays and sights. Only the western entrance to Mali Losinj and also the passage between Mali Losinj and Cres in the town of Osor should be approached well prepared and carefully. The passages are relatively narrow and with waves it might not be everyone's cup of tea. From Munich you can reach the area and the Marina Veruda within 7 hours. Thus, it is not a big problem for many boating holidaymakers to arrive by car. In the marina there is a parking lot and you can check in directly from the car into the boat!

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