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With a yacht charter in Pula the cruise starts in one of the most beautiful cities on the Mediterranean. The old town still tells a lot about its eventful past, which began already in the time of the Roman Empire. At that time it was an important metropolis, which can be seen in the temples and one of the largest amphitheaters of antiquity.

On the sea there are numerous worthwhile destinations for sailing from Pula. In addition to the west coast of Istria, it is worth sailing around the southern tip and into the island world of the Kvarner Bay. Also the Italian coast with the lagoon city of Venice or the Po Delta are worth renting a sailing yacht from Pula.

Discover the sailing area Pula and rent a yacht, sailboat or catamaran with our yacht charter in Pula. From the yacht search to the successful sailing we accompany you - with or without skipper on your yacht trip in Pula. Book today and discover soon.

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The marina of Pula - yacht or catamaran for rent

The marina for yacht charter from Pula is located in the district of Veruda, which lies south of the old town. The well-maintained marina is equipped with modern amenities and besides sanitary facilities it also offers good shopping facilities and a parking lot. Navigation is relatively easy because there are no shallows in the harbor. Another marina is located directly in front of the old town.

The ideal way to get there is via Pula airport, which is just over five kilometers from the marina. It is also possible to arrive by car for sailing off Istria. The route leads from the Slovenian border via the A9 highway directly to Pula.

If you rent a catamaran in Pula, you will encounter the Maestral as the prevailing wind in summer. It blows evenly from the northwest. The Jugo is also a steady wind that blows strongly into the Adriatic from the southeast. Rain is associated with it. The bora is treacherous and blows as a downdraft gusty from the northeast. In summer there is also the nevera, which develops very surprisingly as a stormy thunderstorm. On average, when sailing off Istria, the wind is the weakest off the entire Croatian coast.


Pomer and its marina

The marina of Pomer gives a family impression and is located in the quieter western part of the bay of Medulin. The modernly equipped marina is open all year round and is equipped with all necessary facilities. These include a restaurant and a supermarket where provisions for sailing off Istria can be purchased. There is paid parking on the premises.

If you charter a motor yacht in Pomer, it is worth visiting the Vizula Archaeological Park before setting sail. It is located on the east side of the bay and houses some remains of Roman buildings. Especially worth seeing are the foundations of a huge villa, which is said to have once belonged to the Roman emperor Constantine the Great. Part of the mosaic floor has also been preserved. On the shore of the island, under the water, there are Roman port facilities. Nearby Pula is worth a visit, either by land or by renting a catamaran from Pomer.

Rent a yacht in Pula - Offers

Sailing yacht for rent in Pula

When chartering a sailing yacht in Pula, a visit to the Brijuni National Park, located north of the coast, should not be missed. The group of islands is under special protection, which is why only the largest island Veliki Brijun may be visited. However, this is always worthwhile, because in addition to the scenic beauty there are several attractions.


Rent a motor yacht in Pula

Families chartering a motor yacht from Pula will find much pleasure in the Safari Park. Not far from there you can find fossilized footprints of dinosaurs. The islands were inhabited a good 3,000 years ago. You can still see the ruins of a Roman settlement and remains of buildings from the Byzantine period. The island is home to the summer residence of the former Yugoslav ruler Tito and is ideal for hiking. There are also beautiful bathing bays.

Yacht rental from Pula & Marina Veruda 

Diving is not allowed in the archipelago. It is possible to rent a yacht from Pula to sail to Mali Brijun. The condition is that you have previously obtained a permit at Hotel Neptun & Istra on the big island. In Fort Brijun Minor concerts are held during the summer. Moreover, a yacht charter from Pula can take you to beautiful cities on the west coast of Istria. Rovinj, Porec, Novigrad and Umag have a long history that is still visible in the romantic alleys.

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